WA Spotted: Version 3

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Miksta, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. willphiz

    willphiz #1 Member

    that white one got BEN on the plates? its always at one of the stations, i see it weekly, no forum stickers or any reply when i post it as spotted
  2. 23BIGA

    23BIGA Still CruZin' +Parts4Sale

    Have spotted a few Z's since I have been back this week.

    Black Z spotted tonight crn Reid Hwy & Lord st..

    Only spotted 3 z's whilst in the USA in just over 3 1/2 weeks:confused:
  3. jaja101

    jaja101 New Member

    Red z32 on Hay street heading past courts.
    Noticed imports101 and aus300zx.com stickers on the rear window and slightly hidden FMIC. anyone here? :p
  4. EvZ

    EvZ 1BAD300

    Another green machine...

    "Cruising" along Morley Drive last Sunday. Bright green with round tail lights. Out of state plates I think. Anyone
    from here?
  5. loud'n'proud

    loud'n'proud Challenge Accepted

    black bonnet, lime green no kit?

    that shitbox is broken down every 2nd time i see it lol
  6. ugame

    ugame user #1

    well it is a zed :rolleyes:
  7. wassaw7

    wassaw7 New Member

    Yesterday evening spotted gunmetal grey Z with f-40 type wing at BP Erindale Rd, Balcatta, filling up with 91oct :bash:

    If you are reading this your car needs 98octane! That 91 crap is only good for lawnmowers and scooters :eek:
  8. ugame

    ugame user #1

    maybe it was Aus spec :rolleyes:
  9. wassaw7

    wassaw7 New Member

    No, its def j-spec, I recognise it from when a girl was trying to sell it on this forum a year or two ago.

    However now it has white rims and green calipers.
  10. ugame

    ugame user #1

    green calipers on a grey zed?

    anyway.... i was thinking......
    we really shouldn't BAG zeds we spot, or thier owners. Not really a way to entice new members :confused:

    "oh oh... they spotted my zed......oh... they think im shit....."
    *crys and never logs back on*

    just a thought.
    not aimed at you. more a general comment.
    having a thoughtful moment. it'll pass.
  11. willphiz

    willphiz #1 Member


    this one?

    its for sale currently
  12. EvZ

    EvZ 1BAD300

    Can't really tell from that pic. It had round custom tail lights and a dent/scrape in the drivers door. Colour was about right though.


  13. willphiz

    willphiz #1 Member


    thats the rear end of it

    and link to sale

    Clicky Clicky
  14. EvZ

    EvZ 1BAD300

    That's the one. Why you selling? NSW plates will make it harder to sell here - it's going to have to go over the pits. GL.


  15. willphiz

    willphiz #1 Member

    its not mine

    its been on that site for nearly a year up for sale from what i can recall, the price has changed a fair bit
  16. Billo55

    Billo55 Mmm, Floor Pie

    Spotted red broken down zed on east parade, corner of second avenue......Bad luck hey:(:(
  17. ugame

    ugame user #1

    We're on V4 spotted for WA

    Can a mod please lock this thread
  18. Romonski

    Romonski And Justice For All

    saw black zed at ocean reef and waneroo road at approx 5:05pm and a red one at the same intersection at approx 6:25pm. i should start recruiting these guys

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