WA Cruise Video (not dialup friendly - 82mb)

Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by ZXxx, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. ZXxx

    ZXxx Getting Stiggy wid it!

    Hey Guys,

    As promised, I have the video of last weekends cruise done....guess there's nothing left to do but say enjoy!

    PS (I would recommend using Internet Explorer...mozilla firefox seems to have trouble opening....)


    By the way...if there are any WA Members who want a copy of some of the WA vid's on CD as, understandably, dial up could have some problems downloading...feel free to PM me and we can set something up.

  2. Draco

    Draco The 1000 Man....


    Good work.. looks like a great day...:thumbsup:
  3. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master

    ahhh, the Airwolf theme......

    brings back memories of a better TV time..:) Hey great clip!..:) But whats with the hip thrusting at the end??

  4. Miksta

    Miksta M Spec

    So your coming into work today to give me the vid aren't you paul ;)
  5. ZXxx

    ZXxx Getting Stiggy wid it!

    I remember those day's well..airwolf and Macguyver!

    You'll have to ask risk what was with the hip thrusting.
  6. ZXxx

    ZXxx Getting Stiggy wid it!

    Yes indeedy....

    Going to pop into alberts for a chat, then I'll swing by and drop it off.
  7. FranZ

    FranZ franzonline.net

    Nice Vid! Fast d/l from site too! :p
  8. ZXxx

    ZXxx Getting Stiggy wid it!

    Yeah I know...i checked the speed and on 512 was getting 45 - 50kb/sec
  9. pozzi

    pozzi New Member

    wicked vid!!

    yeah man,

    great effort hey that must have taken ages. Was nice to see a shot of what i will be able to join as of next friday (car gets released from customs on monday) yeah hell good speed from the site 220k/s. I think risk is really missing out on some action with that thrusting :S:S:S i'll definately be at the next one looks like a great time. by the way who is the black zed with the 18 3 spokes?? thats wicked i have a 2 seater in black and those rims look wicked. how much they set you back?
  10. ZXxx

    ZXxx Getting Stiggy wid it!

    The black zed is ZEDSLED...also known as Rowan

    You can see more of those rims in his profile. If your after something similar give me a buzz when you get your car and I might be able to hook you up with some volk racing 17" rims with rubber.

    Cheers of the compliments on the vid too...it did take a while....

  11. ZisLuv

    ZisLuv New Member

    85.2mb at 719kb/s. Not bad :)
  12. Miksta

    Miksta M Spec

    Great Vid(s) Pauly, looking forward to the next cruise :thumbsup:
  13. Ollie_J

    Ollie_J Member

    Twas very good :D

    Only thing i'd say is a few more long shots of the cars parked up at mundaring, your place etc :D other then that was really well done to the music.

    Wheres the video of your driving scottys car! comon :p
  14. ZXxx

    ZXxx Getting Stiggy wid it!

    HAHA...I seem to have missed place that one....
  15. FranZ

    FranZ franzonline.net

    Its alright... Risk has a copy!

    I'll get him to post it online for you! Link here ok for you? :p
  16. ZXxx

    ZXxx Getting Stiggy wid it!

    Yeah I was waiting for that.....:LOL:

    if it makes andrew feel even and allows him to "respect" me again then post it up...I HAVE NO SHAME!
  17. Tektrader

    Tektrader Z32 Hoe, service me baby

    Now come clean !!

    Which do you love more your video camera or your car dude !!!! :p
  18. ZXxx

    ZXxx Getting Stiggy wid it!

    Definitely the zed....considering it's my girlfriends camera!

    By the way...amen to your signature...and those rims are looking NOICE!
  19. Mr-Z32

    Mr-Z32 New Member

    Just watched tha vid.

    Awesome stuff Paul, those tunes go good with tha vid man. That must have taken i while to put together but it has definatly payed off.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  20. SIM300


    Not bad at all mate.

    My profession is in Television. I do a few different jobs including editing. Nice job, love the choice in music :thumbsup:
    Just wondering what programe you used to cut? If you have any stand-out footage I'd love to get a copy and use it to cut something similar myself.

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