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Discussion in 'Coming Events' started by blondie, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. blondie

    blondie New Member

    Hi all

    I am giving Sandeep a hand to organise the day at DECA.

    It is booked for Sunday the 9th of December 2007.
    At present we need approx 40 drivers and this will make the cost approx $85 per driver.
    The cost is an approximate, as we are still in the process of obtaining quotes on insurance and other associated costs. This could change if we have more than 40 drivers (meaning total cost per entry could be less).

    Anyone who would like to come along and participate as a driver on the day, I need you to PM me (blondie) with your full name (as on your bank acct) and your screen name (from the forum) and that you are willing to hand over $40 as a deposit (fully refundable up to the 1st of November).
    I need names to be able to track people and payments on a spread sheet.
    Once I have your PM I will then send you the bank acct details (I am not posting bank details on the forum), for you to deposit the money in to.

    All refunds will be given via bank transfer only.

    You have until the end of August to organise and send me the deposit and then we will open the event up to outsiders, this means friends/family first and then other clubs or associations.
    We need numbers for this to happen.......If you have 1 car and 2 drivers, this qualifies as 2 entries ($85 x 2) etc.

    If we do not reach the desired number of drivers by the 1st of November or the $$ figure blows out in cost, we will post this on the forum under this thread and I will endeavour to give a weekly update. Entries will be capped at 50 to make sure that everyone gets plenty of track time.

    In the event the above does occur, the DECA day may be cancelled and all deposits will be refunded.

    Please read through Sandeep's original post about licensing.


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  2. sandeep

    sandeep Active Member

    A few more details...

    Here's a few more things for you to keep in mind:

    All Competitors will require an AASA or CAMS licence
    We can sell the 1 year AASA licence on the day for 50 dollars and it's good to have one as it allows you to compete in most events (SAU DECA days etc).
    Here is a link to the AASA Club racing licence. Please fill this out and bring it on the day along with the 50 dollars for the licence. After the event, you will recieve your AASA licence in the mail.
    If you wish to purchase a CAMS licence, then you have a few options. We can't offer them as we aren't CAMS affiliated but NDSOC, SAU VIC, WRX Club etc are all CAMS affiliated and as such, joining one of these clubs will allow you to get a CAMS licence.
    If you already have a CAMS or AASA licence we need you to bring it with you on the day as we do require the details of your licence on the entry forms as it is an AASA event.

    Entry forms
    There are AASA entry forms which I can email to people who confirm that they will be racing. Entry forms are required for all drivers (so if you have two people competing using your car) and passengers are also required to fill out a form.

    Helmets will be required on the back track events. This is for both driver's and passengers in the car. Buy, borrow or steal (well maybe don't steal) a helmet as you won't be allowed on the back track without one (which is where you can get upto some decent speeds :) ) If you can manage to share with another competitor than that's fine.
    You may where your helmet on the skidpan if you feel like it but it's not required for driver's or passengers. By the way when I say passengers, I mean front seat only. No passengers in the back seat.

    • Basically there's only a few requirements:
    • Battery Secured
    • No Coolant leaks (but who would compete with a coolant leak anyway)
    • No major oil leaks
    • No fuel leaks (again, it's just common sense)
    • No unsecured objects in the boot or behind the front seats. This includes subby enlcosures fixed or strapped or whatever (don't even bother to drive up with them to Sheppo... leave it at home). Also spare tyres, jacks etc will be removed and leave it in your pit area. If you want to run wit a video camera that's fine but it needs to be secured properly.

    Tyres: For the skidpan, you can bring old tyres if you feel. However the aim of this day is to compete so it's not really a burnout comp. So if you choose you can run crappy tyres on the skidpan and practice your dori-dori skills around the cones that's fine but standstill bunouts aren't really allowed (as it causes pot holes to form which is bad). But the other competitors aren't going to appreciate it if you just sit there doing burnouts and most people will be trying to get some good times on the tracks and that's what it's more focused on.
    For the back track you will need good tyres. When I say good, I mean with tread and roadworthy at a minimum.
    You can run whatever tyres you feel be it road, semi slick or full slick... it's upto you :)

    That's all I can remember for now. At the moment I'm working on designing some tracks with my friends who are pretty into the whole DECA scene so we should be able to come up with some fun and challenging setups. Once it's all done we'll prepare a competitor handbook and host it somewhere or email it out so you can have a hard copy of what we've come up with above.

    Oh and for those of you wondering, the Aus300zx christmas partay will be the night before DECA (Saturday the 8th) somewhere in Sheppo so lookout for more details about it as well as accomodation for people staying the night before.

    Remember it's Sunday the 9th of December. Put it in your calendar now and make sure you get out of work/family member's birthdays/weddings etc... this is more important :)
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  3. kr4usy

    kr4usy Active Member

    Definitely want in on this! Good idea incorporating the aus300zx christmas party :) I'll deposit my money when I get paid tomorrow, so I'll PM you tomorrow Jen :)

    Thanks for your information, will be a great time! Glad I kept my stockies :D

    Cheers, Andrew
  4. sandeep

    sandeep Active Member

    Forgot to add:

    The DECA skidpan is polished cement. Think like an underground carpark surface, very very smooth and very little grip. When I went up there, if I snapped my gear change I could get wheelspin through Second gear and into third if I tried hard enough... and I'm in an NA. So for you TT boys and girls, traction on the skidpan will be hard and this is what made it possible for me to keep up with the higher powered Turbo Skyline's when I went up. So hopefully we'll see some NA's keeping up with the TT's on the skidpan... should make it interesting at the end of the day, the skidpan battle events.
    The bactrack is tarmac.

    We can also setup some sort of classes for cars. Maybe:
    -TT- stoc- mild modified TT's.
    -Modified class (cars like the WYKKED-mobile and Ben's skyline and any other cars that come up that are failry racespec)
    -Other cars

    I read about most of your cars but maybe when you enter send me a PM with any mods if you're not sure about what class you want to go in and if you would like to compete against the racespec cars even though your car is stockish then that's fine too. You'll all be competing against each other but the classes just make it abit fairer when it comes to results. And the groups will be mixed up so not all the cars from the classes will be together until the end of the day when the battle events begin where you get to pick who you race (i'm hoping to see blipman v Wykked :) and Chad vs Everyone ;) )
  5. kr4usy

    kr4usy Active Member

    haha, nice idea...my car has a few mods new, but I've NEVER dont competitive driving, or agressive driving, will that countact my NA mods? haha Cos I know I'll handycap myself :eek: HAHA
  6. MikeZ32

    MikeZ32 das Über member

    chad vs everyone ey? that sounds like a plan :biggrin:

    unfortunatly i might not be coming to this one. in the process of planning a overseas trip.
  7. Tektrader

    Tektrader Z32 Hoe, service me baby

    I'll be there. :D Hmmm, fast circuit racing :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    ADAMZX 2000spec Conversion

    And if i come ill be a spectator only. But i may not be able to make this event as i think sheppton is a bit to far a drive for me to afford atm, as im trying to build my car up. Unfortunately ive been sending to much money of the car and ive got a few big bills to pay so i don think i can make this trip.
  9. mafi-zed

    mafi-zed the resident hoon

    is it one car at a time on the back track only?

    and you dont need a valid drivers licence to compete, just the ASAA club racing licence right?
    which can be gotton on the day w/o drivers licence?
  10. fradda

    fradda I've been everywhere man.

    wish I was still in Melbourne that sounds like an awesome day out:( good luck girls and boys:zlove: :)
  11. RedZedMikey

    RedZedMikey RZM should now be DZM

    Damn, Murphy's Law again :mad: :mad: :mad:.
    Had mentally booked Dec 8th and 9th to be at Sandown - GT cars and Sports Sedans better than V8 Supercabs in my eyes. There will be a new GT event happening, see the link below.


    I guess I'll have to reconsider - attend Sandown on Saturday, leave for Shep after the racing ready for DECA on Sunday. Will give it some serious thought after I get back from Canberra.
  12. Blipman

    Blipman Beer hooves totally work

    I'm SO there, people please support this event, it is one of the biggest organized with this club and it is great entertainment. The DECA skidpan is the perfect event for those who've never competed in motorsport before... it's fun, there is nothing to hit and it's not hard on cars.

    Since there is minimal grip you will tend to spin the wheels more than wear them so tyre wear is minimal, and for the same reason there is not as much load on the engine so it's carefree fun.

    So people understand what we're talking about, here's a good illustration of what it's like and how hard it is to get yourself into trouble:

    And as an idea of the fun you can have, here is a run in my Skyline:
    Click for video (10 meg)

    If you don't want to be competetive you don't have to, most people end up just trying to get the car sideways rather than put in a good time, for people after faster thrills there is the back track which is like a mini race track complete with trees and barriers on the side, if people are uncomfortable with this they don't have to go on, the skidpan is where the main action is.

  13. BigCol

    BigCol That's what she said...

    Dude - it's in December. Plenty of time - this will not be the event to miss.
  14. BigCol

    BigCol That's what she said...

    As per the other thread, I'm in!
  15. mafi-zed

    mafi-zed the resident hoon

    what do you guys think of an AFR of 12.5, think it will melt pistons during this event? i plan on going on the skid pan and back track.. and i will be hammering it as hard as i can.
  16. lidz

    lidz Well-Known Member

    insurance question

    this sounds awesome but i have concerns regarding my insurance & that organised for the day. Basically how am i covered?
    The one organised for the event, does that cover damage to cars should someone get 'over enthusiastic' or more injury, loss of life, etc? Or do I need to seek out track day cover on my current policy? With shannons by the way if that helps.

    Lastly if I dont need additional cover via shannons do I still need to inform them that im doing a track day?

    Really keen to have a crack at this but dont want to void my insurance or worse have an off & find out im not covered.

    cheers, tim.
  17. blondie

    blondie New Member

    As to question on insurance

    The insurance you are paying for (that is part of the $85) is for yours and your passengers personal injury and spectator injury only (as there is only going to be 1 car on the skidpan or motorkana course at any given time).

    It does not cover your vehicle, so if you wish to contact Shannons and discuss with them, I would do so.

    I have just been informed by the manager at DECA and the AASA, that all regulations in regards to health and safety are in the process of changing.
    Meaning, it is getting harder to meet OH&S requirments as we now need to go through a risk assessment plan. This could require us to also now have barriers in place for the spectators and cars safety on the track, for both events. This is up to me to organise and hire, not the track.

    As I said, I will try and keep you all up to date on what is happening.

    Fingers crossed it will all still go ahead, but don't forget to PM me if you are coming and I will send you deposit details.
    I only 3 entries to date.
  18. blondie

    blondie New Member

    It is only 1 car on the track

    at any given time, on either skidpan or backtrack.
    Helmets are to be worn and you need to have either your CAMS Lic or your AASA Lic before the 1st of October, as I need to give detailed info over to the AASA for insurance purposes.
    So I will be contacting all of those people who have paid deposits, via a PM, to obtain your lic numbers, I will be doing this around the end of September.
    So get cracking if you don't already have one......
    You will need one to drive your car on the track on the day, if it is dual entered, your other driver will need one too.
    For the motorkana, your navigator/passenger will not need a license, but will need a helmet.
    You can contact the AASA or CAMS to ask for their requirments on licensing.
    CAMS (03) 9593 7777
    AASA (03) 5766 4235
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  19. Blipman

    Blipman Beer hooves totally work

    12.5's about spot on provided the timing is right.

  20. mafi-zed

    mafi-zed the resident hoon

    tuned the ecu timing to 19, but base timing is at the stock 15

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