VG30DETT in 300ZX Rebuild

Discussion in 'Member's Garage' started by geofnvic, May 4, 2011.

  1. geofnvic

    geofnvic New Member

    Well it's taken fifeteen months with considerable blood sweat and tears and about $8000 but the beast fired up tonight and purred like a kitten, thank god, cause I was getting sick and tired of fending off the chief financial controler about the amount of money I have spent on this one.:eek:

    DJHZEX New Member

    Hey mate what did you get done to your baby? :zlove:





    Pics man????
  4. geofnvic

    geofnvic New Member

    Basic complete rebuild, bore was good and crank just needed linishing. Forged pistons, 2 new rods, rebuilt heads, 2 new cartridges for turbos (Original) lot of bits and pieces like oil pump, engine mounts, repairs to sump, machined flywheel, new clutch EGR delete, new oil pipes and water pipes to turbos and lots of repairs from past fools that should not be allowed under the bonnet!!
  5. geofnvic

    geofnvic New Member

    Sorry bout the pics, have not worked out how to do that yet....
  6. stevearm77

    stevearm77 NA Compression + TT Boost

    Yeah tell me about it, going through that shit right now myself, aint it great:(
  7. geofnvic

    geofnvic New Member

    Photobucket is not for the inexperienced....
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  8. ArmaLite

    ArmaLite New Member

    hey mate, sick zed, worth every penny :)
    what kit you got on it? looks schmik.

    ZXDEVIL Active Member

    Ummmm that's stock except for the sideskirts...
  10. geofnvic

    geofnvic New Member

    Body Kit

    The front is stock as the previous owner demolished the aftermarket kit and the sideskirts are all that is left but I am told it is Mugen or Veilside.
  11. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

    They aren't Veilside, and I've never seen Mugen parts for anything but Honda's
  12. geofnvic

    geofnvic New Member

    I'm told Vielside bought out or took over Mugen.:)
  13. e-z

    e-z New Member

    8k for a stock rebuild :S
  14. SIM300


    My money is that they are in fact Abflug sideskirts (very rare). SHOW ME THE MONEY!
  15. geofnvic

    geofnvic New Member

    Includes 3K for original car....

  16. GarlicSteaks

    GarlicSteaks Pulsating Member


    from abflug website

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