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    Looking at having to replace an engine after managing to shred a timing belt. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I might pick up a decent non turbo with low miles and good compression. There seems to be a few TTs available as full engine with loom but not as many NAs as there were a few years back. Does anyone know who might be importing them?
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    Hi Brad, am just browsing the Forum, haven't done so for some time as Facebook seems to attract more attention now.
    How did you go in locating a NA Motor? I removed one out of my 1990 300ZX NA a couple of years ago & replaced it with a '95 engine. I replaced it cos mine had 232k on the speedo, needed the timing belt replaced and a compression check indicated low reading 80 or 90 on three cylinders. It was still running when removed. It has been stored in my garage with all openings blocked with rags to stop any dust & stuff entering.
    Funny thing was when I finally located a replacement motor & brought it home and tested the compression, same problem on 2 cylinders. So I reconditioned the '95 motor, it was exhaust valves leaking.
    I am located in Coolamon NSW 2701. southern NSW. Contact me if I can assist. Cheers, Henk H. Mob 0458 778 470

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