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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by LaZZaR, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. LaZZaR

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  2. chickenbum

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    well just the other day

    i raced a monaro and i was doing 278kmh, my illegal exhaust was really screaming and i almost his this lady crossing the road in a 25kmh zone, mainly coz my horn and lights dont work....
  3. Gazza

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    Geez the vic. government is tough down....

    ...there, I dont know how you victorians can stand the harrassment. The bit I really dont understand is the power to weight restriction for a drivers licence on your Ps, but you "can" ride an Aprilia RS250 ass-rocket on a provisional riders licence? I mean seriously, which is more dangerous for a young motorist?, a high powered car, or bike :|

    PHATZX New Member

    We do have power/weight restrictions but..>

    It's all bullsh.., fistly if you get caught you lose no demerrit points or anything, It is only a $105 fine with no other consequences, basically more revenue etc. and I dont think they give a sh.. what you drive if they can get money out of you they will:|

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