Velside Exhaust Competitor

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Pepper, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Pepper

    Pepper 1991 N/A Slicktop

  2. Pepper

    Pepper 1991 N/A Slicktop

    Also available in a single


    Problem with the kakimoto is like the veilside, they're rare as hell.
  3. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    Had a Kakimoto single on mine when I first bought it, beautiful sound.
  4. Benny_C

    Benny_C About as subtle as...

    Yep, another Kakimoto zorst man right here too. They're the bomb! :zlove:

    URHYNS Well-Known Member

    I still rate Magnaflow 14807/5 mufflers with custom piping.
    Xpipe for loud and raw, Uas center muff for a more refined, quieter tone...

  6. Z32 TT

    Z32 TT Active Member

    My Kakimoto single at 18psi is the sweatest note! bad though cause you always want to hear it at 4000-7500 rpm oh gives me goose bumps lol
  7. Why must owners always place cameras right in the path of the exhaust? All you end up hearing is wind noise from the exhaust blowing past the microphone.
    Kakimotos are great exhausts. But nothing comes close to the refined tone of an Evolution exhaust.
  8. SedatZX

    SedatZX Tyranus

    LOVED my Kaki zorst! Quiet on idle, while cruising and while your on the hwy. But it had an awesome and loud note when you smashed your right foot down !
  9. SRB-2NV


  10. zedboy

    zedboy Active Member

    Exactly the same as mine... Magnaflows FTW!

  11. Pepper

    Pepper 1991 N/A Slicktop

    Ok fine, thats the 14807 mufflers?

    Piping diameter?
    X pipe H pipe?
  12. [yt]lCoyGmTg274[/yt]
  13. SRB-2NV



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