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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Evil Errection, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Evil Errection

    Evil Errection Back in a Zed

    Hey guys,

    Just took my car down to the shops and when i got back i had the turbo timer on and i heard a really loud tapping noise so i opened the bonnet and the tapping is comming from the back off the engine well like the back off the plenum??? Any idea what this may be? please any help would be great!:( :)

    tell me if i need to explain better but yeah it sounds like tapping but its fast tapping.
  2. K-zed

    K-zed Secret Squirrel

    Lifter noise? Done oil change lately and what viscosity/type?

  3. Zexual

    Zexual Zed Head

    if the oil is to thin it can cause it right? :confused:
  4. Evil Errection

    Evil Errection Back in a Zed

    not lately i havnt and im not sure of the oil? is a lifter noise usually the same thing (tapping)?:(
  5. pexzed

    pexzed Forum Administrator

    Tapping will be lifter noise

    knocking will be bearing noise.
    if it's fast at idle, likely lifter noise.
  6. K-zed

    K-zed Secret Squirrel

    Yes tapping noise is 99.99% stuck lifter(s). You should do an oil change at the least... preferably a flush and oil change to clean oil galleries, although some have had success using Nulon lifter-free product.
  7. Evil Errection

    Evil Errection Back in a Zed

    and if the oil change and flush doesn't work? what then?
  8. tom@pzp

    tom@pzp www.pzp.com.au

    plenum pull, 100kk service and lifters rebuilt or replaced while its at it! 'the Z pamper pack' :D
  9. ports

    ports the pro

    Was the noise keeping time with the engine revs? Perhaps an injector freaking out?:cool:
  10. Evil Errection

    Evil Errection Back in a Zed

    yeah it was it gets louder when the revs rise up
  11. ports

    ports the pro

    Have you taken off your filler cap whilst the engine is running? If it's a lifter, the noise
    level may increase if it's on that bank, or put a long screw driver against the cam covers
    and like a stethoscope, you can listen for the location of the noise.:cool:
  12. DonoRyan

    DonoRyan Rick James

    My engine tapping sound was the VVT gears. Try disconnecting the solinoids.

    My car is running without the VVT solinoids connected and it appears to run OK. Plus no tapping sound.
  13. scump

    scump John Dorian

    i thought lifter sounds dont usually increase to much with revs???

    my lifters tap a little, alot of my mates put in lifter treatment (nulon) and it took theirs away, ill probably do the same... replacing your lifters can be expensive too, cant remember how much for a zed but im sure someone can.

    my advice, buy the lifter treatment, its not much... if that doesnt fix it, come back here.

    almost forgot!!!! i dont describe lifters as a tapping sound, more like a ticking... tic tic tic tic.... tic tic.... is that what you got? if so probably lifters.
  14. Jase

    Jase Not a Member.. The Member


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