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    I have done a search regarding my next question and found out today that all my tyres Front 245/40ZR18 and Rear 275/35ZR18 where all set at 22psi, found that weird as the tyres dont look flat, but tyres says Max Pressure 44psi, so I pumped the tyres all round at 40PSI, not sure what the ride will be like but will find out soon. My question is wouldn't 22psi all round seen as weird even though they didn't look flat?

    On the search, people are saying between 35-40psi
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    tyres will start looking flat at around <10psi depending on how tough the sidewalls are and also the profile. id suggest for your tyres 36-38psi all round
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    pressure will vary with heat,driving conditions and load
    38-40 is a nice general balance theo ,i dont think you drive people to weddings at 100mph - do you ? lol

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    Driving experts quote about 32 - 35 psi for the street as warm this will come up to about 38 - 40psi , but for the track we go less as the tryes heat up alot more going down as far as 25psi when Dan is getting angry with his right foot. Mind you we can see tyre wear pattern very quickly on the race/drift car (as they only last 6 laps/8-12kms lol) and a hot pressure of a little under 40 gives us the most even wear and there for the most tyre footprint on the track.


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