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Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by Red_Turtle_Z, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. Red_Turtle_Z

    Red_Turtle_Z 'Nuf said....

    Year: 1990
    Body (2+0/2+2): 2+2
    Colour: Blaze Red
    Engine (Turbo/NA): N/A
    Transmission (MT/AT): AT
    Interior (Cloth/Leather): Cloth -standard interior
    Odometer: 159,795 km
    Price: $ 10,500 neg
    Contact Details: Ainsley - Via PM for mobile details etc

    Comments: Unfortunately I am needing to sell The Turtle. The zed can be sold with or without the personalised plates.

    It has had the cowls, side strips on the windows, rear spoiler stickers replaced earlier this year. It had a pod filter put in her. Has all original Z floor mats (the fluffy ones)
    I have kept her as original as I can. Heavytrevy and I have done all the maintenance on the zed - oil changes etc.

    I would prefer it to sell before I head up north as it will probably as it will put more K's on it.

    If I can think of anything else I will post it up.
    Pics are soon to follow.
  2. 90TTZ

    90TTZ Back From The Dead

    This is one very fine example owned by two of the most fastidious enthusiasts I know. Neat as a pin and just screams immaculate. Well worth the money and Ainsley is as honest as they come so if you want a ride that turns heads and will serve you well because it has been so well maintained then this should be seriously considered.
  3. hpcoolahan

    hpcoolahan back to boost ...yay

    sign of the times i spose , but Ains........ why sell after so much work on it.
    Good luck with the sale, im sure it will sell quickly .

  4. Red_Turtle_Z

    Red_Turtle_Z 'Nuf said....

    Thanks guys, the reason i have to sell is for court fees etc. Nearly 12 mths ago i informed Lil Turts father that for financial reasons I was selling my home here and relocating to Atherton to live in our home with Heavytrevy. He dragged us thru the courts, lied on the stand , had a Barrister who didnt fight for us, and the judge forced us to stay here.

    Between the pair of us, we are paying the equivalent to $3grand a month in a mortgage and rent, plus the extra bills to go along with living in another place.

    I am asked every week by Lil Turt 'when are we moving mummy, can we go yet?'
    For someone who didnt want a bar of her in the fist place and didnt want to spend time with her, I have been forced to pass her over each fortnight to someone she doesnt want to go to.

    What hurts me the most is to see that she misses Trev very much and can't wait to see him on our holidays. She is in the early stages of developing an eating disorder as she is eating to compensate her depression in missing Trev and us not being a family as a whole.

    I now have more evidence that concludes and proves that he dragged us through court under false pretenses. But with us paying as much as we are every month, theres no more savings. Living here we are just getting by on what i earn. Soon that will run out.

    I cannot afford the legal fees that are going to occur if we continue to fight for our right to be a family.

    It will be very sad to see her go but my family comes first......
  5. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    Lynn and I are extremely saddened to hear of your problems.
    Your Ex seems to be getting his "jollies" by seeing if he can destroy you through your daughter(he sounds like a proper bastard).
    Somewhere you have to draw a line in the sand, beyond which you will not retreat. The sooner you do this the better for all concerned.
    Perhaps you need to tackle this on Medical grounds with supporting evidence from your family Doctors.
    Mental and Physical damage being done to your little girl(as well as to yourself)should be taken very seriously by the Courts, and by the Child Welfare Officers.
    You should also seek help through Legal Aid(before this character manages to push you to the point of being assessed as financially unable to support your Daughter).

    You have your priorities correct, keep up the fight.

    Sincere Regards
    Lloyd & Lynn:zlove:
  6. zed4life (zedcare.com)

    zed4life (zedcare.com) Ω vicarious zedder Ω

    This is a really sad situation

    Ains and trev are straight-up people and this would be easily one of the best NAs in the country.

    A bargain at the asking price. No surprises. Just a very clean, highly maintained, cared for and reilable zed. Paintwork is exceptional...

    I'd be more than happy to vouch for the car (and the owners) as would I'm sure anyone from Qld who knows them/the zed.

    This is a much better and safer choice than a cheapie unknown zed from an unknown owner. :zlove::zlove::zlove:.

    A well known and admired car and well known, trusted owner(s) are extremely valuable selling features. It is false economy trying to save a couple bucks on buying the cheapest zed ... then having to fork out thousands getting it up to standard.

    Anyone buying an NA should not go past this one even though it might 'appear' to be a bit higher priced than othjer NAs.
  7. hpcoolahan

    hpcoolahan back to boost ...yay

    Chili's on the money Ains, go to legal Aid with your reports from the doctors.
    I , as most of us here didnt know of these problems you are having with your ex and be asured we are all behind you for support.
    all the best for you and Heavytrevy and lil turtle.
    Maby hold off on the z sale till you really really have to.

    best wishes
  8. Red_Turtle_Z

    Red_Turtle_Z 'Nuf said....

    I dont know if i can get legal aide funding again, even though we got more ammunition = reasons to go - it has been very stressful for all of us. Not easy keeping a relationship 2000k's away. I will take Lil Turt to drs this week and see what he can say on the matter. Its heartbreaking to know that the reason shes not telling me stuff is coz she doesnt want to see me sad anymore, hence the comfort eating. We have our chats etc, but its been hard on her knowing that she wants to be up with Trev and we're stuck til mummy comes up with a solution.

    ZXDEVIL Active Member

    Very interested... would love to see some pictures :D:zlove:
  10. Red_Turtle_Z

    Red_Turtle_Z 'Nuf said....

    At the moment i dont really have any pics good enuf to put up - like interior shots etc, as i dont have a camera that works. I can try with a lil instamatic and get it processed onto a disc then put them up that way i guess. Will do it after work tho.

    ZXDEVIL Active Member

    Yeh thats fair enough... not in a rush, but being in NSW just would like to get an image in my head about the car...
  12. Red_Turtle_Z

    Red_Turtle_Z 'Nuf said....

    Dont think this will help but its all i got til tomoro... :sorry:
  13. Mclovin

    Mclovin Well-Known Member

    I've seen RedTurtles Z on cruises and its always very clean and beautiful I hope it stays on the forum. :)
  14. clarky4

    clarky4 New Member

    I'm sorry to see that your selling your much loved red zed.But I fully understand,I have been for a ride in this car and it is a very sweet ride,It will make someone very happy.And I can't wait for you and you little girl to move up this way.Good luck with the sale :)
  15. Fleet

    Fleet Speed Racer

    I am sorry to see that you have to sell your pride and joy Ainsley. Sometimes life just sucks hey?

    All the best of luck with the sale.

  16. Red_Turtle_Z

    Red_Turtle_Z 'Nuf said....

    Pics for starters...


    The engine bay needs cleaning....i know... :sorry:
  17. Red_Turtle_Z

    Red_Turtle_Z 'Nuf said....

    A few more....
  18. whoppersandwich

    whoppersandwich Le Canon De Douche

    Whats that thing protruding from just in front the right hand headlight?
  19. jet power

    jet power New Member

    Factory optional - parking assist aerial

    Would make a good mounting point for a CB radio antenna:).
  20. Red_Turtle_Z

    Red_Turtle_Z 'Nuf said....

    Agreed... yes it would ... its not connected. Of course - i have never hit a wall etc whilst parking any car in my life.. lol...
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