Turbo Seals??

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Evil Errection, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Evil Errection

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    Hey Fella?s

    Now I am unsure but I think I know what my problem is ?Turbo Seals ? pretty much since I got my exhaust installed (cat back) I have noticed that when my car is idling that I get blue smoke but my exhaust is independent on both sides (no x or h pipe) and the smoke tends to change from side to side :confused: so I wasn?t sure if its both seals that have blown but when I am driving normally or flooring it I get absolutely no smoke at all ? it?s a little embarrassing pulling up to the lights then 15 seconds later looking in my mirror to see smoke choking the cars behind me.

    Any advice or help is appreciated

  2. beaver

    beaver southern zeds

    Pull the

    pipe from the turbo to the intercooler, check it for oil. Turbo replacement is part off the deal with our cars, most zeds with stock turbos, will need rebuilt or AM turbos at some stage. Mine were 13 years old and shot to bits, but there's some cars out there still getting round with much older turbos, says something for the bushing type bearing Garrett used on the stock jobs. PCV valves should be checked also.

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    Agree with the beaver!

    Give your PCV valves a clean as they can cause this at idle also and some members have found this CAN fix this problem! I believe new one are relatively cheap also.

  4. Evil Errection

    Evil Errection Back in a Zed

    ok guys cheers for the help ... When replacing the PCV valves is it normally a hard job?
  5. beaver

    beaver southern zeds

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