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    Oh ok i didnt know we had off the shelf available. My fabricator is doing it, we have a design with a built in surge tank within, using the proflow twin pump carrier and has a trap door within surge to access main tank with the lift pump affixed to it. Costing around $1200 all up with the parts included minus pumps
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    I love this colour!
  3. induetime

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    Good looking Z you have!
  4. tuff

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    So finally getting some traction and moving forward. Turbo housings modified and intercooler piping kit modded to suit, all ceramic coated and ready for reassembling. Veilside evolution exhaust modified to suit twinz rear bar, rgs performance dumps slightly modded then ceramic coated, and cat pipes made up to complete the exhaust. Exhaust has since been sandblasted and hit with high temp ceramic black exhaust paint with polished tips.
    Fuel tank is finished awaiting final install and finish off the hoses. Works mint, going to run walbro 255 as a lift pump in main tank to directly fill the surge tank, twin walbro 460 in surge (pwm variable speed via solid state relay and haltech ECU), with twin 8an lines merging to single 8an, 1/2" hard lines to passenger wheel well, inline fuel filter to 8an feed to fuel rail, 8an return to proflow a1000 regulator, 8an to flex sensor to 1/2" to 8an return to surge, then spill holes around top of surge tank back into main tank.
    Have run 8 gauge wiring from battery to boot for power feed which should cover my requirements just fine. Holy shit fuel systems are expensive to setup properly.

    New haltech elite 2500 arrived today (thanks Rob) so will go in towards the end.
    Decided on a steel inland Empire one piece shaft so thats arrived as well as some sexy voodoo13 billet Rear upper control arms, and UAS street/track front arms.

    Wasnt happy with the black R34 front/rear brakes as it was too much with the black rims so i grabbed another set i had here and got them powdercoated sunflower yellow, a little bright but should be fine behind the black rims.

    Bolt in rollcage is pretty much done, will only be in if i have a track event on.

    Also had to replace the lenses on my 2k headlights with early jdm ones as some muppet had previously cracked one of them. Nice and clean now and crack free. The early jdm glass is slightly tinted i found out when i swapped only one to start with.

    And thats pretty much it for now. Currently making a jacking point with snatch hitch/tow point that will be welded between rear chassis rails. It will have a tow point that just pokes out through the lower central hole in the diffuser, and a hole cut into the bottom of the central diffuser that a mount attachment can slide through and attach to my trolley jack and allow me to safely and easily jack the rear of the car from the centre rear wuthout stuffing around, nice and easy.
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    received_10206856122114222.jpeg FB_IMG_1498048886047.jpg FB_IMG_1498048882352.jpg 20170727_191021.jpg 20170801_204819.jpg 20170819_154833.jpg 20170825_164856.jpg

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    dude you make me feel sooooo guilty lol..... cant wait to see your weapon going
  7. tuff

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    Lol, you will get there stewie. Ill give it 12 months on the road and I will probably be tracking you down to redo the bodywork on this and maybe some custom steel widebody work.

    So the snatch/jack mount is finished and welded in forever.
    20171007_141306.jpg 20171007_141313.jpg
    Unfortunately my voodoo13 arms dont fit, apparently a known problem they have revised but I might have accidentally got old stock, story of my life.... could be raining titties and I'd get hit by a flying dick.
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    Last line made me laugh, that kind of luck hey! If you've got the option swap them for the SPL's, zero clearance issues & well proven gear.

    Great work though, looks like a pretty well done build
  9. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    Nice exhaust man... and good work on the fuel tank
  10. tuff

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    So fuel system is pretty much finished and rear bumper and mufflers back on with nice shiny tips 20171013_152734.jpg 20171013_152920.jpg 20171013_152859.jpg 20171013_152905.jpg 20171013_152908.jpg 20171013_152306.jpg 20171013_152347.jpg 20171013_152817.jpg 20171013_152924.jpg
  11. tuff

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    So we have more movement forward... yay.
    Front suspension removed and new uas arms installed, just waiting on bearings and the front will be back in. My steering rack I rebuilt in aswell.

    And.... turbos and manifolds are back on for hopefully the last time. Custom oil feed lines with inline micro filters and i modified factory water hard lines to fit custom as was required for a nice neat tight fit with plenty access to everything.... bahahah YEAH RIGHT LOL.
    20171023_160646.jpg 20171023_160654.jpg 20171023_160449.jpg 20171023_160513.jpg
    Next on the list for this week is to rebuild the power steering pump, refit the rebuilt front end suspension, custom oil line for oil pressure sensor, order a greddy thermostat oil filter sandwich plate and do the custom lines for the oil cooler. Has anyone got the correct part number for the greddy oil filter sandwich plate for the zed? Pretty sure its 12400123, can any of you guys confirm for me. Also any pics of how you've run you -10 lines to the front ie routing.
  12. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    great work dude
  13. tuff

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    Here we see the 300zx in its natural habitat, in 50 million pieces broken down and being repaired.........


    Well fuck me, we have a motor back in place for the last time (fingers crossed i didn't just jinx myself)
    20171103_164407.jpg Resized_20171103_163425_1400.jpeg 20171103_164421.jpg
    Its as tight in there as a nuns naughties, as close as fuck is to swearing, god help me if the mounts flex more than 2-3mm as shit will start to get real as parts clash.

    The sidekick dazza hard at work 20171104_144139.jpg
    So the main driveline is back in, major hurdle overcome so now the fun of dotting my I's and crossing my T's.

    Now please do me a favor and say a little prayer to the car gods for me that nothing goes hayward and involves the removal of this motor again as I swear to god I'll pour flamable liquid throughout it and have a big yellow bbq in the shed.
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  14. lidz

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    Fantastic work mate, it's all coming together now!
  15. MagicMike

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    Looks great
  16. 300ZeeX

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    awesome work. keep it up
  17. stumagoo

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    this made me laugh - its a feeling I know all too well
  18. rob260

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    Are those flare nuts or compression fittings on the hard line?
  19. tuff

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    Tube to an compression fittings. Zero leaks. Looped the system and blanked return at tank, both pumps full song until they bypassed and overflowed, not a leak in sight thank god. Then unplugged return, run pumps to check the flow at full volume and seems spot on

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