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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by FITZ, Oct 3, 2021.

  1. FITZ

    FITZ Active Member

    15+ years ago i remember a business that specialized in Z... I cannot find this business listed anywere, from memory Hackam? comes to mind... Have they changed names?

    What other trusted workshops in South Australia are there? As we all know, the old vg30dett isnt for a "service only" mechanic..
  2. MintZ32

    MintZ32 Active Member

    @Harts is your guy to assist with this. Maybe traul his build thread as well as the workshop name may be listed in there.
  3. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Try Driven Motorsport http://www.drivenmotorsport.com.au/ they have worked on a few that I know of
  4. FITZ

    FITZ Active Member

    Thanks, ive heard of Driven before, ill check them out.
  5. zedicted

    zedicted New Member

    Nisscare at Royal Park
  6. FITZ

    FITZ Active Member

    Driven no go for 300zx z32. Nisscare was realy helpful but at this stage cannot. Most workshops are flat out at the moment. Anyone else?
  7. zedicted

    zedicted New Member

    Try Boostworx, at Cavan.
  8. zedicted

    zedicted New Member

    Also try Morpowa at Modbury, they used to do the Z32, not sure now.
  9. zedicted

    zedicted New Member

    Jaustech at Wingfield
  10. FITZ

    FITZ Active Member

    Awaiting a qoute thanks
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  11. zedicted

    zedicted New Member

  12. silverZ

    silverZ Member

    Adelaide z cars is the name of the business you were looking for. Barry retired a few years back.
  13. zedicted

    zedicted New Member

    Who did you choose to work on your Zed?....can you give some feedback ?
  14. FITZ

    FITZ Active Member

    So Morpowa, Nissmaz, Driven, Jaustech were not interested on any major work.
    Nisscare was but is booked out until next year. Real nice bloke..
    Synergy were very helpful and can do anything. Up front and straight to the point.
    Boostworx once again very helpful, knowledge of the cars, nothing is to much. Quick response and straight to the point.

    Both Synergy and Boostworx have worked alot on the z32, minor to major work and know what to expect.

    I will start a build thread soon and update from there.
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  15. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    Adelaide z car was good. Barry was a laugh and we had good bbqs and dyno days down there, back in the day.

    Nisscare is also high on my list of go to people. I used to work in the building next door to them so spent my lunch breaks there and talking with the old fellas of the day.

    I also do off road rally with them and his lad some times. Really good people.

    what are you needing to have done to your zed? I’m nearly stupid enough to suggest I’d be happy to look at it all for you. Nearly stupid though… flick me a pm if you wish to chat.
  16. Harts

    Harts Active Member

    Sorry I missed this, I am not on the forum much atm due to an ongoing house reno. I used Garage 7, they are now located in Lonsdale. I had them do an engine out refresh (not rebuild), manual conversion and linkg4 install with flexfuel tune. I have done 10000kms since I picked it up and use the car as a daily happily. They forgot to gas the AC back up and forgot to use one of the new power steering hoses (small "u" shaped) I supplied, they also forgot to add flat shifting to my tune. I replaced around approx 70+ parts at once, so not bad at all.

    I would say on the expensive side, but what isn't nowadays and you typically get what you pay for. 7.5-8/10, due to factors above and timeframe (7 months) required for work.

    I have used Boostworx and Jaustec previously on other cars and can give you advice on those shops via PM, although Jaustec is under new ownership so my advice would now apply more to the workshop where the Jaustec guy ended up, which has not been mentioned here.
  17. FITZ

    FITZ Active Member

    Thanks, PM sent

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