Thought I'd post some new piccies of me Z

Discussion in 'Technical' started by smithys-place, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. smithys-place

    smithys-place New Member

  2. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    OMFG that is one HOT SEXY nose/bonnet that custom work. :zlove: :zlove: :zlove:
  3. CurnZ

    CurnZ zero rwkw


    wheels are hot. bonnet/nose very nice. not keen on the tail lights however :p
  4. tom@pzp


    mmmmm hot! i really like it... same wing as Clara's... from z center isn't it?
  5. scump

    scump John Dorian

    holy blinged up bonnet batman.... ok now THATS a much better photo lol, definatly looks sexy mate, grats.

    lucky he has a mechanical way to get into his car hey guys:p
  6. fradda

    fradda I've been everywhere man.

    thats a nice looking car mate:drool: well done:)
  7. Zedipated

    Zedipated Member

    lookin very swwweeeeet man

    The bonnet looks great nice to see something different:) :D
  8. Miksta

    Miksta M Spec

    Hell yeah!

    Pic no.4 is my fav!, very unique :)
  9. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    Beautiful Black Beast!!!

    Great shots - particularly the 4th pic. Really well set up to get the pillar gauges in too.

    Those DO-LUCK rims are awesome... :zlove:
  10. IBBI

    IBBI Active Member

    finally!!.....u and baron have my vote for nicest engine bay.......0 and who said the 2+2 looks proof against that above......
  11. smithys-place

    smithys-place New Member

    Still a few more though

    Thanks mate, still got a couple of other things to do to the engine bay yet, which will be done soon ;)
    Rear wing is from rearspeed in japan, the front bar/bumper and side skirts from aeropalace in japan and the tailgate sking from Zcentre here in UK.
    The bonnet/Hood is a zcentre bulge cut into the bonnet and made beafier where it meets the headlamp panel which was then made to match the same lines.
    Though you can't quite tell, paint is a pearl black with gold flip and gold ghost flake that appears in the sun.
    All painted engine parts are candy apple red with gold ghost flake in the laquer.

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