That AMAZING feeling of a rescued Z!

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Mr G, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    Well, I didn't actually realise how much attention my Z required until I took it to Karl (90TTZ - Epic Automotive Concepts) for the big 200K service and replacing cam gears. The difference as I drove the car away..... WOW, that was my first reaction. It felt like the car could actually breathe, everything could flow smoothly like it should - felt like a totally different vehicle. An asthmatic getting a shot of Ventolin!

    It hadn't been running like a complete pig - in fact the TT had been my daily since the beginning of 2013 and running up to 15 psi boost. But I knew it was due for the big jobs, just didn't realise how much the Z was in need of some professional TLC.

    The 100K service was done when I first imported the car in 2005.......after what Karl found the car must have endured since then (including a track day at Lakeside a few years ago and various spirited cruises), it certainly goes to show how resilient our engines are. The cam seals were ROCK HARD.... not just stiff, or lacking a bit of flex.... rock hard and brittle. I was amazed it had continually been able to perform over the years.

    It's just a feeling that only car enthusiasts can understand - when your pride and joy feels like it never has before.

    HUGE thanks to Karl for his epic work (Epic Automotive Concepts - aptly named!), would highly recommend him for anything you need done to your Z, or other cars for that matter! Friendly manner, extensive knowledge and extreme pride in his work are everything you want in a mechanic. Cheers Karl! :zlove:

    Edit: More than happy for Karl to share details about work done on my car and what he had to deal with - not planning on selling and would want to be honest with potential buyers anyway! And no, not selling my baby. :D

  2. ed300zx

    ed300zx Active Member

    Good stuff mate :br:
  3. LittleRedZX

    LittleRedZX Member

    Awesome looking machine

    Not generally a fan of black but this is nice mate. Looks pristine and well cared for.
  4. OldRedZed

    OldRedZed Member

    Looks Very Nice ,

    I wish my engine bay looked like that , Did you add the extra rear spoiler

    Its allways fun keeping a nice black car clean & dust free

    Greg ( OldRedZed )
  5. scottyoz1962

    scottyoz1962 Active Member

    Good to see it's running much better for you G , damn what a sexy looking black beast sitting beside yours :p Pity Beyonce is no longer mine.
  6. WazTTed

    WazTTed Grease Monkey

    were the cam gears dead? what made the performance difference ?? timing belt off a few teeth ?
  7. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    Thanks for the compliments from the Red-Zed crew. :) Paint is far from perfect but pretty good for its age being original 732 black, 25 years on!

    Greg, yeah I did add the extra spoiler on, it's from an R34.

    And yes Scotty........bye-bye Beyonce, hope she has found a great new home!
  8. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    Cams themselves were not in too bad condition, but were due to be replaced - it was the seals that were shocking. Replaced fan clutch, power-flush of radiator, all helped. Not sure if timing was off, I'll check with Karl.
  9. 90TTZ

    90TTZ Back From The Dead

    The increase in performance came from replacing the cooling fan clutch that was was permanently locked up, something I identified a month or so before hand with Mr G.

    The cam seals were unlike anything I had ever seen. I presume that the person who carried out the 100K service in 2005 did not replace them. They were the easiest seals to remove since they were so hard, the intake seals actually came off with the intake cam gears! But as you could probably imagine, the entire front of the engine and underneath was a black, wet mess and in some places, the amount of dirt that clung to the oil looked like roadbase!

    You have a fairly solid car there that has just suffered a lack of maintenance and some questionable modifications. Use of cloth tape to insulate soldered wires is (in my opinion) just plain dangerous. Together we'll get it back to the fine tuned machine these cars are meant to be.
  10. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    As Homer sez, I like the cut of your jib. :D Car has continued to run brilliantly, thanks Karl. :zlove:


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