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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by mikemd, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. mikemd

    mikemd New Member

    How do you say "Thank You" to one of the nicest, unselfish members of this forum without going on here and saying: "Ron, you are definitely a Wizard!".
    Reading that I was in trouble with a split turbo cooling hose, Wiz unhesitatingly offered to drive across Sydney on his only day off and get me back on the road. But, when he arrived he had already decided there was no point fixing the diagnosed problem (hooray for me, I was right!) he opted for a full plenum pull!! Took all day... hoses got replaced, stuff got chucked and, best of all, all electrical connectors (which he photographed, claiming they were the worst he'd ever seen!) got cleaned, refitted and engine adjusted 'til the thing now drives as sweet as a nut.;)
    Thanks, Ron, you are one of Nature's very special people!
  2. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    He truly is a Wizard(although I fear his generosity will be somewhat depleted by this act, thereby severely reducing any chances I may have been clinging to for similar acts of kindness).
    Damn you Mike.:p:rolleyes::zlove::zlove:
  3. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

    Always time for the Chili

    Just yell out when your ready Lloyd.
    Mikes engine presented plenty of challengers with hoses to nowhere, others blocked off, some not, just open and sucking air. stripped bolts, main inlet hoses to the turbos loose, looks like they were never tightened,
    All the electrical connections were the worst ive seen, any amout of green powder and corrosion (surprised it ran) so a lot of time fixing incidentals.
    New heater hose, all under plenum hoses deleted, bypass done etc.
    So wasn't hard for it to run better with all that fixed.
    Now if i could just fix my aching back and sore hands, and i seen what you did with that envelope Mike ( which will have to be returned)
    A little dissapointed that Mike couldn't get any help with this as he does plenty for the forum with his hosted tech days etc, c'mon guys need to help a brother out, besides i'm getting to old for this shit.
    So hope it keeps running sweet for you Mike.:)
  4. Raheen

    Raheen Active Member

    Time to limited the field

    If Ron is in such great demand he will have to limit the field and only offer technical assistance to the only true zeds in existance.... silver ones, the rest are just pale immitations by comparisons.
  5. Tektrader

    Tektrader Z32 Hoe, service me baby

    Everytime I work on a car I say this Ron, Oh my aching back:(
  6. gmbrezzo

    gmbrezzo Moderator

    Cudos Mike, for doing a public "thank you" to wizard.
    As long as others learn fom Ron's deeds and continue the practice, the world will be a better place.
  7. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    You're on the Wacky Weed again Raheen(I hear it promotes severe Colour Blindness)? Silver is only evidence of superiority when it comes to hair colour. LOL
  8. mikemd

    mikemd New Member

    Y'know, it's funny how people take special others for granted! Whether it's a huge-hearted guy like Wiz, or someone possibly in your own family, who is just 'there' doing it for someone else. And typically, these special people do it without thought of compensation or, like Ron, get embarrassed at the thought of accepting any sort of 'gratitude' from a recipient...
    In my case, I watched a man work tirelessly all day - and into the night - with a mid-day stop for a Hungry Jack and cup of coffee on one of the most intricate, confusing, and downright difficult jobs I have ever witnessed! He whinged the whole time (NOT!!) and even lowered himself to disgusting language like, "Bother, that did hurt a little..." as he ripped another chunk of skin from his hands. As the day wore on, and it was obvious there was no way the job could be completed and Wiz kept outwardly muttering about what day he would give up a lucrative pay-day to come back (across Sydney) to complete the job, he just kept pushing on - until he FINISHED around 8pm!! His only comment? "Lucky the light was good for us (??), heh"? - US?? As in "we"?? I re-fitted the intercooler hoes...!!! AND, made the coffee...!
    Thanks, Ron... you are owed much by many, and I am so grateful for your instant response to my forum-request for help... you deserve the applause of so many on this forum and I, for one, will not forget your assistance!
  9. pennyarvs

    pennyarvs New Member

    Glad 'twas a productive day for you, Mike! Disappointed myself as I wasn't able to find time to even drop by and cheer with my pom-poms (and/or fried chicken!) at the least! I'd like to welcome you to the club of Wiz fans whom he wholeheartedly poured his time, skills and just... just selfless gestures to lend a hand with our beloved cars.

    To you, Mr. Alah peanut butter sandwiches... my hats off.

    Arvin :zlove:
  10. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet


    I'm getting a little embarresed now, big thanks for all the kind words, but all i did was what a lot of us used to do in the past, help a brother out when they were in need of help.
    Thats how Miracle Zed Motors was formed in the old days, sadly most of those members have moved on to other makes and forums now.
    Whats needed now is for some of the younger guns to take up the challenges and help out those with limited knowlege and expertise to keep their machines on the road, Thats what has made this forum great in the past and will contiue to do so in the future.:)

  11. Boost Junkie

    Boost Junkie Member

    so true Ron, too much bitch fighting and "hey look at me im so cool with my new overly expensive hellaflush jdm part" on this forum these days.
  12. mikemd

    mikemd New Member

    I'm sure it'll come, Ron.... but, as we all know, experience is the teacher and is not something with which we are born! As our cars get older and more vulnerable to wear and tear I think the challenge is bound to bring out the best in our young(er) members! If some end up with your generosity (bit harder to achieve) and knowledge, the Zed will live on...

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