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    I did a search no clear answer.

    The Subfan Relay is missing, do we require it, what's its purpose, If I re-connect it, will it cause harm to electricals. The relay is a blue, however I have a green relay , would the green relay do the job without any problems electrically.

    This may sound like a silly question, however still new to this

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    as per p/m sent back theo,but i think im right ??

    a t/t has a 2 speed fan,without the subfan relay,the fan will only work on high ,not low
    Most imports have this missing for some reason
    Try cresta,he will have them,Simon
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    I think your right to Simon, mine has the subfan relay , and it works the fan on 2 speeds(checked with Conzult)

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    Refer to Workshop Manual section EL page 4 - shows configuration of the different types of relay (blue and green the same switching type, not sure about their load rating)

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    They steal it when they blow their light fuse

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