For Sale Stripping 300zxtt manual coupe (targa)

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by zx299, Aug 12, 2020.

  1. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    I am parting out my track car project because I just don’t have the time to finish it anymore. I have sold most of the new gear I had purchased, now it’s time for the rest to go.

    Drop me a PM if you’re looking for bits as the car is complete except for the manual conversion which has been sold already.

    TT conversion
    (everything necessary for a NA to TT swap)
    $1500 (bargain)
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  2. lamy

    lamy New Member

    Hey mate i am pretty interested in the tt conversion , where would pick up be from cheers.
  3. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    Kakimoto 2 into 1 exhaust

    This exhaust is in good condition (these things are heavy duty and built to last)
  4. jellybeans

    jellybeans Active Member

    interested in exhaust what size and where are you?
  5. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    Kakimoto exhaust still for sale :cool:

    I've had a word with the local courier and cheap shipping can be arranged because it comes apart into two pieces and can fit into a carton. This is the most heavy duty exhaust I've ever come across

    Sold parts :
    Manual gearbox conversion
    Front bar
    LH & RH mirrors
    LH & RH switch clusters
    Radiator shrouds
    Windscreen cowls
  6. 97300ZX

    97300ZX New Member

    Tt conversion still available?
  7. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    Kakimoto exhaust

    This is a full bolt on exhaust for a TT coupe


    $250 is a bargain for a complete exhaust ready to bolt on (you'd be lucky if you could buy the pair of cats for that price)

    Only 1250mm long when disassembled, so can be shipped cheaply

    TT conversion SOLD
  8. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    Kakimoto exhaust SOLD
  9. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    The car still has the full interior in very good condition .... PM me if you're looking for something
  10. tuff

    tuff Member

    What colour interior Ian?
  11. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    Just your ordinary, everyday charcoal/ grey Scott :cool:
  12. NIM7

    NIM7 New Member

    How much for the electronic seat control box on the right side of the drivers seat? Also do you have a automatic climate control switch if it has one? Is the car an 1990?
  13. greeni10

    greeni10 New Member

    Do you have any seats?
  14. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    I have seats, but freight to VIC would be murder :rolleyes:
  15. Adz

    Adz New Member

    Where are you located? I may be looking at a full interior set with the grey shortly if this car comes through I am looking at. Will need basically all the tweed trim including seats.

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