ACT Stolen/Damaged 89 Silver TT Manual

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by Alan, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. Alan

    Alan New Member

    Stolen and written off by insurance company, i thought someone on here might be interested in a project. Please send me a pm ASAP if you are intersted as i will let the insurance company take it in a few days if i get no interest.

    $3000 is the buy back price:
    Car was running fine otherwise. Thieves took it and thrashed it for about 4 days. They put 640ks on the clock and did what knows in that time.

    Silver 89 TT 2+2 (Manual).
    about 120,000k on the clock.

    light body damage to the rear right side.
    light damage to front bar.
    bad oil leak from rear main?
    diff clunks between accel/decel.
    leaking right intercooler.
    bearing noise. possibly worn thrust bearing?
    rear right wheel may need alignment.
    disks/pads worn.

    paint is in fairly poor condition.
    Rust beginning to form in rear right stock spoiler.

    interior in fairly good condition minus the trim coming off 2 panels in the back and a small rip in the drivers side seat.

    comp test after theft by mechanics showed 125 psi on all cyls.

    Car runs and can be driven.
  2. dydy

    dydy mr ed

    post some pics up if you can mate. picture tells a thousand words
  3. Big_al_TT92ZX

    Big_al_TT92ZX Tempted to own another Z

    Very sorry to hear about it mate. All the best with the sale. Mine has just been recovered from being stolen with a seized motor parked on the freeway, insurance claim still going through so I'll see what happens..

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