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    Hi everyone, Spread the word through out the zed community....

    If you, your friends or your family happen to be one of the very few to have the honour of owning a 1995 25th Anniversary Steve Millen "Stillen" limited edition vehicle, have I got some great news for you. At great personal expense, I am in the process of having a very limited run of the 25th Anniversary side decals/stickers replicated.


    I will ONLY sell these in pairs to people who can verify by Vin, photo proof and registration that they infact do own one of these beautiful examples, I don't want to see any clones magically appearing. There will be an option for white lettering for the darker colours, and the black lettering for red/white vehicles.

    This is going to be your one opportunity to buy these, and I strongly suggest you do. If you happen to be unfortunate and have an accident, or you need to paint the front quarters or doors, guess what... you WILL NOT be able to get replacement decals. Both Nissan and Stillen foolishly disposed of all stock once the stickers glue backing had expired, and they are therefore obsolete and made of 'Unobtanium'.

    Im still awaiting final costs and physical/visual verification with my own eyes that the colours can match as closely to the original as possible. I would personally say its 97% correct to the originals from what ive seen thus far, and im a fussy bugger. The only real hard task is the silver as it appears it wasn't printed but rather a custom shade of vinyl. The originals appear to be screen printed and die cut, and from what my printer is telling me its real oldschool equipment and long obsolete. They have identified one company who they believe is capable of undertaking the task, and the lead artist of the design team has spent hours on the art work getting all the finer details correct for me.

    Please reach out by PM for further details.

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