Z32 Standard ride height

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    thanks. I came to the same conclusion KDFS-86 = 20mm drop I ended up ordering some oem front springs as my kakimoto front pipes kiss speed humps on lowered apexi springs I just cant be bothered with low anymore.

    On a side note na vs tt front shock mounts are different

    Twin turbo
    what affect would using either one have?
    anyone know why they different?
    Holding them side by side the tt ones look about 5mm higher
  2. ryzan

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    Appears the US ones have different part numbers for left and right side, while the na doesn't differentiate between sides. If I were to take an educated guess, I'd say it might have something to do with the US spec adjustable suspension actuators and how they mount. Only way to confirm would probably be to see if the JDM TT use the na part or not.
  3. MickW

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    Great pics ryzan. I love how the moon seems to be peeking over the top of the tree to get a better look.
    The driving lights are so James Bond. Please tell me the nose panel folds away and those bad boys pop up when you flick a switch in the cabin.
    Idling at 1000 RPM? To help the alternator run those Roo death rays I suppose.
    Good looking car, seems you've nailed the whole height & stance thing mate.

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