Squealing Fan belts

Discussion in 'Technical' started by CHILI, Nov 12, 2014.

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    That is probably one of the products that "Should never of been invented"! :rofl:
    In any case the problem hasn't really been fixed, has it? :(
  2. CHILI

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    Well actually, the noise problem HAS been fixed(however the actual cause has NOT been determined).
    1: Pulleys are ALL in alignment(and are brand new items).
    2: Belts are ALL brand new(and of the correct length).
    3: Belt tension has been tried at various settings/adjustments(without any noticeable improvement).
    4: Noise has ceased following use of CRC Belt Conditioner.
    5: Smooth Anodized surfaces on the NEW Pulley Set MAY be the real cause of the problem(reduced friction coefficient).
    6: Disposal of Ear Plugs imminent(no longer required at this point in time).:p:zlove::br:
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    Hmmm...we were always told in the old tyres to rub chalk along sides of belts...of course, the belts on Model T's were easier to get to in those days...remember, Chili??
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