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Discussion in 'Member's Garage' started by green_s13, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. green_s13

    green_s13 New Member

    Cleaned the car up today and sorted the stereo out so that i could get data scan running on it.

    Just some tidy up on the interior, and it should be ready for a tune.

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  2. green_s13

    green_s13 New Member

    well after a few years this car is finally done and running. it has had its final tune on a few minor issues with coil packs and the fuel pump dying.

    ended up with a very safe and consistent 221rwkw on a very hot day and huge inlet temps so making better power than before if there was temp correction added in but it will do for now. time to drive and enjoy the car :)
  3. lockmi

    lockmi Member

    I love the funky little dash gauge cluster? What is that? How hard was it to fit?


  4. green_s13

    green_s13 New Member

    I should get more photos of the inside since it is finished. As for the gauges that is just an android head unit with Nissan Data scan hooked up to the consult port.

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