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  1. ProckyZ89

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    Injectors sound the issue than.

    The 1000's will still get the car to zedfest even if you ran 98 it's not like you'll be down on power
  2. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    Injectors are def the issue. Will be down on power for sure, dont want to pay for a tune now and then again once the injector issue is sorted. Fml
  3. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    Updated part/mod list

    Block bored 20 thou oversize, decked and o ringed, fitted with forged ACL race pistons and rings
    Scat H beam conrods, fitted with ACL race bearings
    Crankshaft linished and deflashed oilways
    Modified oil pump for greater flow
    Heads have received a lot of work with machining, porting and polishing, cc?d, flow tested
    1mm oversize Ferrea valves
    Competition valve springs
    Compression set at 8.5-1.
    Inlet manifold has been match ported to the heads and the upper plenum
    Modified crankcase ventilation with catch can
    (Jim Wolf Technology) JWT 400+ wild Cams
    BDE (Brett Dempsy Engineering) modified Intake Cam gears
    Tomei adjustable exhaust cam gears
    A new set of hydraulic lifters fitted with shims
    2 x GTX 28/63 ball bearing turbos
    AMS 2.5in piping
    Japtek Massive 2.5 inch, ducted side mount intercoolers
    54mm throttle bodies with match ported plenum
    Selin twin AFM translator
    Twin Apexi power air filters
    Turbosmart, BOV?s
    Ross Racing harmonic balancer
    56mm Alloy Radiator
    72 plate external oil cooler
    Boost control by Blitz dual SBC controller
    Engine management is by Nistune (upgraded firmware for flex fuel/launch etc)
    Wiring Specialties wiring harness
    AEM patch harness

    Custom 5 bolt, divorced dump pipes
    Mike Smith Performance exhaust manifolds
    Twin 3? system through hi flow cats, and pair of Varex adjustable Mufflers

    BDE (Brett Dempsy Engineering) top feed fuel rails with various modified stock bits to suit (balance tube etc etc)
    Bosch 1000cc top feed injectors (these only installed so the car is drivable while injector issue is resolved.)
    Walbro 460 in tank
    Custom surge tank
    Fuelab 42401 external pump
    Fuelab 52901 regulator
    Fuel cooler
    Teflon braided lines front to back with various heat shielding
    Multiple fuel filters, pre external pump, pre fuel rails, post fuel cooler (pre main tank)
    Flex sensor
    Battery has been moved to the boot area sealed in a battery box fitted with an isolation switch
    Series two power transistor unit
    HKS DLI Ignition Amplifier
    Spitfire coilpacks
    Engine earthing kit

    OS Giken twin plate/lightweight fly combo
    Chrome molly one piece tailshaft.
    Richmond leader diff gears of 4.11 ratio

    Bilstein PSS9?s coilovers
    Powertrix front upper control arms
    Powertrix front lower tension rods
    Tune Agent rear camber
    Tune Agent traction arms
    Energy suspension bushings all round
    Nagisa Auto Gacchiri Support fender braces
    UAS HICAS lock out

    Front - Stop Tech ST-40 calipers big brake kit
    332 mm slotted, curved vein rotors
    Braided stainless brake lines
    Ferodo 2500 pads
    Rear - Reliance Edge 297mm slotted rotors
    Ferodo pads
    Stone shields have been removed and tubular ducting has been fitted for extra cooling

    18x9 and 18x10 Gram Lights 57F-Pro
    Also available is a pair of stock 16? wheels fitted with Mickey Thompson ET streets

    2000 model urethane front bar with Powertrix carbon air guides
    Various undertrays
    2000 rear tail lights
    Modified stock bonnet
    Modified nose panel
    Genuine Trust/Greddy side skirts
    UAS rear wing
    UAS enclosed rear bar fitted with Perspex diffusers.
    Ab-flug Aero mirrors
    Custom made Miracle Zed Motors vented air guides
    HID headlights

    Recaro SR3 driver and passenger seats on Z32 recaro rails
    Stock gauges have been replaced with el panels giving various shades of blue
    Genuine Defi triple set, oil, water temp and pressure
    Pivot boost gauge
    Twin AEM wideband AFR gauges
    Boarder racing gauge hood
    Kenwood head unit with four kenwood 5? speakers
    Terrano chrome door handles
    Leather 300zx logo handbrake boot
    Leather 300zx logo shift boot
    2000 model gear knob
    Leather trimmed doorcards, glovebox, center console etc

    Twinz front lip V2 (to be fitted with splitter)
    Bosch 1650cc injectors

    Couple of rare items I'm considering selling
    RARE Final Flag polished throttle cable cover (1 actually have 2 of these and they don?t fit with the top feed rail L)
    Nissan front strut brace (1 of only 2 in Aus), again doesn?t fit with the top feed rails

  4. nick300zxtt

    nick300zxtt Member

    good to see the progression from taking the keys till now. Keep at it.
  5. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    Bit of an update.

    Got new bosch 1650's in, got Al (ztoy) from Autospark to mod the surge tank to re-route the rail return to the surge tank instead of the main tank. Got it back together and running.

    After the issue we had to and from Zedfest I bought one of those Defi ZD Advance (copy) multigauges so I can get fuel pressure in cabin. A nice bonus is that it has a boost gauge (digital) and can do data logging so I can map boost v fuel pressure and rpm. I am still concerned about damage to the fuel pump by way of heat/starvation, but I haven't had the car under any load to see. Holds good pressure at idle/free rev.

    Just yesterday I got a good deal on an Adaptronic select ecu from a skyline (same ecu as z32), so the nistune will go along with the Selin and afm's. Sadly it makes alot of the recent gauge wiring/install redundant, but again I will have Autospark sort out what can be kept and re-routed.

    While this ecu is waste spark and semi-sequential injection and lots will argue not ideal, I am very interested to see it working, particularly around the way it deals with the CAS. I have yet to see any tuners having to change out the CAS disk due to rpm scatter/belt stretch etc etc which by my understanding is likely due to the 2 slot calcs the ecu does.

    So, ECU in, maybe (worst case) another pump and tune and we are done.

    Also fitted the Twinz V2 lip the Rob delivered to me at Zedfest :D

  6. SIM300


    Lip looks good. See how long you can keep it looking that way.

    Keen to see if anymore power can be made with a stand-alone ECU.
  7. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    Hopefully long enough :D

    Should make more powers, not really a fair fight tho with more fuel and e85 :br:
  8. SIM300


    I meant at same boost levels and fuel (98). Of course E85 will make more :br::)
  9. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    how does the lip attach?

    painted or raw plastic?
  10. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    It needs about (well there are location indents for) 10 or 12 bolts which are drilled through the lip and front bar. I used 30mm m6 with large washers top and bottom.

    The finish you see is as the lip came, no prep or anything. I am not sure what finish to go with at this stage. Black, carbon wrap, hydro dipped etc. I have a few other long term plans for external finishing that i need to work in with, whichever way I go. Looks nice as it is, and fitment is great.
  11. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

    looks good

    Need to get rid of that big arse number plate for a slim line one though:thumbup:.
  12. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    Small update. Have not had a bunch of time to play with this thing, but, the Adaptronic is gone, swapped for a Link G4+ pnp. Also upgraded the older style Ross balancer to a new one with a 36-2 trigger wheel. The ECU change was because the GB price on the Link was too good to pass up, and it does full sequential.

    This also meant that the wiring I had already done for the Adaptronic needed to be re done, also had to mount the crank sensor and mod the CAS for cam sync.

    Got to the point of testing that all the injectors fire at the right time and the spark does also. Turns out that one of the coilpacks (#6) had died. Strange because it was working when parked up. Anyway, replaced that.

    Bought a 'The Knockbox' from one of the techs at Link. Mounted 2 extra knock sensors. I really wanted to use the existing threaded holes on either side of the block just above the sump, but ran into clearance issues with the oil filter tree side. So I have one mounted on the block on pass side, and the other one I have stuck on the drivers side head. As you know, there aren't any holes small enough on the block to use, so I drilled out the sensor to M10. That was un-nerving, but been assured doing this does not effect the function.

    Worth mentioning this is purely for knock listening while tuning, to set the knock threshold, using factory location knock sensor to feed the ECU for knock control.

    Also removed the Defi Advance copy thing, but kept the fuel pressure sensor to feed the ECU.

    I am considering a belt change before I put it totally back together at the front cause I have a Gates racing belt on the shelf. Also considering a solid tensioner while I am there. If anyone happens to have one, let me know.
  13. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    For the record, it is alive! Waiting for a couple of pressure sensors to show up, and then just need to get some time to put in some tuning.

    Crank trigger working well, and OEM CAS disk with stickers over the slots is working well too. I was sceptical after reading about some other nissans doing this, but seemed like a good option after I couldn't get the disk out to replace it. I mainly just wanted to do SOMETHING so I could finalise the crank sensor location.

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  14. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    So as some may know, I have been having a hell of a time sorting out some fuel supply gremlins. The car runs perfect for a time, then fuel pressure would drop and the external pump would stop.

    Logging fuel temp into the mid 60's, I went to town on thermal management. Heat shields, exhaust wrap, exhaust blankets, cool tubes, ducted the fuel cooler, and made good gains (or reductions in temp), but the problem persists.

    I suspect that the short section between the surge tank and the external pump is the issue. It is the lowest pressure, and closest to the exhaust, and only surge tank overflow (back to main tank) goes through the cooler.

    Anyway I'm sick of trying things, so, to totally eliminate the surge tank and exhaust heat from the equation, I have just finished mounting the big pump in the main tank with a modified stock hanger.

    So now the plumbing goes big pump, 10AN to 'Y' 2 x 6AN to BDE rails 2 in 2 out, to 'Y' single 6AN to Radium damper to fuelab 52901 reg, to undercar cooler and back to main tank. With some filters in there too.

    Pump speed is controlled by the ECU, and the regulator has a return line sensor fed to the ecu so it knows when to increase pump duty.

    Anyway, I fired it back up yesterday afternoon to check for leaks etc and all was well. Hopefully take it for a drive and get some logs tonight.
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    You still running the fuel lab variable pump ?

    If so good luck.
  16. ZXOCET

    ZXOCET Member

    Perhaps consider fitting an inline cooler in the fuel return line to the tank. With fuel recirculation and surge tank location near the exhaust that should be a worthwhile improvement added to what you have already done. Just my 2c worth.
  17. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, actually have 2 now, bought a second to replace the first one thinking I had killed it. Will see how it goes in tank.
  18. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    Surge tank is out of the picture now.

    My plan, as it stands, is to see if this pump in tank performs as expected. If not, i have the 460 that was my lift pump to go straight back in (with minimal fuss) and try again. If that works, convert to twin.

    In any case, fuel slosh on the track is pretty far from the top of the list atm.


    only because I've been there ... .
    Every time fuel went to 50 degrees the fuelab pump played up with fuel pressure or stopped...went through 2 pumps .Rubbish
    changed to 2 x 044's and never had a prob ,still using the fuelab reg .

    Now upgrading again because the 044's are getting too close to there limits and want a cleaner/more reliable set up
    A set up like a TAARKS or AI twin 460's surge tank fed by another in tank 460 pump is what you do ..and good for well over 1000hp ..

    not worth the headache .

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  20. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    Which reg do you run? The electronic one? 52901?

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