ACT Silver 2+0 NA Manual $7200

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by 300ZEDEX, Oct 28, 2010.

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  1. 300ZEDEX

    300ZEDEX Boss Dogg

    Hey guys, ive been thinking and the TT engine conversion isnt very affordable for me at the moment and i have decided to sell my NA and buy a TT.

    Alright, My car is a 2 seater Manual NA. It has a few imperfections as every 20 year old car does. It has a side scrape on the drivers side rear and a little dint on the boot and the passenger window cowl needs replacing (But that is not uncommon for these cars), now thats the bad stuff out of the way.

    It has 182,000 k's, has a sound system with 2 Sony Subwoofers, Kicker 6 x 9'sand a Dvd player. The engine runs good and feels healthy but needs a new drivers side o2 sensor. The only after market item on it is a pod filter and i have the stock air box for rego. To pass rego it needs 2 new rear tyres. It has a gonzo (A) vented Nose panel (i have the stock nose panel as well).

    It has a new Battery, new brake pads, new cv boots, and has had the 100km major service 5000 k's ago.

    To my understanding is has not has the plenum pull done.

    It has a new 2.5 Inch Catback which sounds pretty nice and doesnt drone on the highway.

    $7200 and open to offers. I am also very keen on a swap for a Manual TT, or an auto if it is nice. Cash either way depending on condition and what not.

    Cheers guys, pm me or post on here if you want more details because there is probably something i have missed.

    I will post some pictures up later on tonight.

    Thanks :)
  2. 300ZEDEX

    300ZEDEX Boss Dogg

    Body: 2 seater Slicktop
    Colour: Silver
    Engine: NA (Non Turbo)
    Transmission: Manual
    Interior: Twead
    Odometer: 182,000
    Price:$7,200 neg

    Sorry about the wait on photos but i went over my internet cap, i will upload some pictures from a friends computer.
  3. 300ZEDEX

    300ZEDEX Boss Dogg

    I will be uploading pictures at 12:00 am. (14 Minutes) when the internet clocks over and starts a new month lol



    Uploaded with


    Uploaded with


    Uploaded with

    This Last one is a month old, the changes are: rims and i have taken the spoiler off

    Uploaded with
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  4. 300ZEDEX

    300ZEDEX Boss Dogg

  5. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    I don't think you have a big enough sound system
  6. 300ZEDEX

    300ZEDEX Boss Dogg

    Lol i dunno if your being sarcastic or not :p
  7. 300ZEDEX

    300ZEDEX Boss Dogg

    I have also installed a series 2 PTU
  8. 300ZEDEX

    300ZEDEX Boss Dogg

    Make offers
  9. whoppersandwich

    whoppersandwich Le Canon De Douche

    Put it up on carsales, but say your state is NSW - I should've done that from the start. The week I did this was the week my NA sold... IMO Canberra is one of the worst markets to sell a car!

    Say you're only interested in genuine buyers in Sydney/Canberra and won't let them inspect it until they're ready to pay. Once you've got someone whos interested organise a date to drive up (doesn't cost too much, less than half a tank on my NA), make the exchange and bus (~$30) or fly (cost me $100, but that was getting one on the spot at the airport) back home.
  10. 300ZEDEX

    300ZEDEX Boss Dogg

    Rego till February
  11. UnFairladyZ

    UnFairladyZ New Member

    Im still keen for trade ect if you are :)
  12. 300ZEDEX

    300ZEDEX Boss Dogg

    Price Drop to $6790 For One week only, will go back to original price after a week.
  13. 300ZEDEX

    300ZEDEX Boss Dogg

    Has 18 Inch Chrome wheels on it now. Also has working clock thanks to Nigel ;)

    $6700 Firm OR trade for a Manual TT. Will put cash on top depending on condition.
  14. 300ZEDEX

    300ZEDEX Boss Dogg

    Have bought a new drivers side 02 sensor. I am not too mechanically minded so i cant install it so its included with the sale for whoever buys it.

    Now has fluffy original 300zx Floor mats.

    New positive battery terminal.

    Still 6700 Firm.
  15. Sintrix

    Sintrix New Member

    Hi mate, I'm new to the forum and looking at getting a NA 300zx (damn P plates).
    I live in Sydney so checking out the car could be troublesome. I am prepared to buy but a rule of my parents is that i have to get it fully inspected by NRMA (compression tests, oil leak checks etc)
    I was just wondering how would be the best way to do this, thanks.
  16. Aries25

    Aries25 Mr Figjam

    Welcome to the new member Sintrix.hope you enjoy a happy z-eding and time with us at the forum. Good luck with the purchase, but I personnally have read the things the owner has done to the car thru the forum here and you are getting a dam good buy as a 1st Zed.
  17. 300ZEDEX

    300ZEDEX Boss Dogg

    Hey mate. id be up for getting the car checked over by NRMA. i just dont know how to go about it either lol.

    Ill send you a PM.
  18. 300ZEDEX

    300ZEDEX Boss Dogg

    Thanks mate :)
  19. 300ZEDEX

    300ZEDEX Boss Dogg

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