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  1. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member

    I am selling my 1992 model jap spec non turbo 300zx. It is, silver, a 2 seater, with 127 xxx kms. It is targa top. Car has always been looked after, always serviced and never thrashed. Car comes with six months rego from November. It is the perfect P Plater car, looks sexy and goes excellent for an N/A car. Car has excellent fuel consumption, a fuel tank usually gets about 410 000 kms. Only Optimax unleaded or V Power Racing unleaded (100 octane) fuel has ever been used in this car. It looks and drives beautifully, it is a real head turner.

    *Monsta short shift kit.
    *17x8'' (front) and 17x9'' (rears) AVS model 5 rims, just had all scratches repaired on them and been re painted, they look brand new.
    *Low TEIN springs, car sits at perfect height.
    *Exhaust system (Cat Back).
    *Twin turbo front bar.
    *Window Tints.
    *Pioneer cd/mp3 plyer.
    *Momo leather sports steering wheel.

    Car is located in sydney in Cronulla and bankstown and can be viewed at pretty much any time. Call or sms on 0422 55 33 83. Cheers. Lee.
  2. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member

    price ...

    13 000 ono !!! :)
  3. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member

    come on everyone! you wont come across a zed in better nick!! its a beautiful car and a beautiful ride! any offers ???
  4. bigbaz

    bigbaz New Member

    May i enqire as to how it is that you get 410 000kms out of a tank, and why the sale, you were keen as ofr cruises and what not a week ago and now you want out, why
  5. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member

    enquiry 1: sorry i meant 410 kms not 410 000 kms haha...

    enquiry 2: because i am buying a 2 hundred.
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  6. ZX2NV

    ZX2NV Z Racing Evolution

    1 less for Club Zed :D :D
  7. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member

    not for sale any more
  8. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member

    for sale again 12500 ono
  9. Mikkazx

    Mikkazx Roket Z

    Lol make up ure mind chich.. for sale, not for sale, for sale...round and round we go :D
  10. Swifty Devil

    Swifty Devil Member

    keep the car and put in a vg30dett or buy a 300 TT pull off those 13s and 12s with few mods :D:D
  11. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member

    thats what i wanna do...
  12. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member

    will trade for e36 bmw 180sx s14 or anything else of interest.... with cash adjustments either way... just say any car if any 1 interested in a trade n ill see if im interested in it.... !!!
  13. Newmo

    Newmo Lover of XXXX

    I like this car.. especially those rims.. if it is still up for sale in a month or 2 I will be very interested..

    edit*** also.. manual or auto mate? - also maybe some more pics?
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  14. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member


    price is negotiable!!!
  15. Flash

    Flash Veteran Z Owner

    FYI.. that V Power Racing has 5% ethanol. :eek: did u know nissan does NOT recommend the use of ethanol-blended fuel in vehicles manufactured prior to 1 January 2004?
  16. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member

    FYI... nissan are wankers... like u mate... dnt talk shit bout my car when im tryin to sell it cok suker
  17. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member

    and FYI its pre 1991...
  18. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member


    will trade for s14 200sx, gtir, sss pulsar turbo or non turbo, s13 silvia, 180sx, r32 or r33 skyline, series 5 rx7... with cash adjustments either way
  19. Zexual

    Zexual Zed Head

    actually i heard it not for use in Zed prior to 1995.. unless you swap over the Fuel rail and injectors.. plus where the hell did he say shit about ur car?.. learn to read lol;).. do really like the rims though.. top choice:D
  20. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

    Keep a civil tongue in your head. And suprisingly Nissan actualy do know what they are talking about. Ethanol will kill pre '94 Z injectors, after this date they switched from positive grounding on the injectors. When the injectos see +12V all the time electolisis occurs and you gat a buildup on the pintel. Before you start insulting your potential customers do yourself a favour and find out the facts.

    Best of luck with the sale...

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