SeXiEsT RiMs 4a Zx !!

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by .maqcr3am., Sep 26, 2006.

  1. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member

    hey everyone ! ! !

    im sellin a set of 17x9 and 17x8 inch white AVS model 5's, in white, they hav jus been fully repaired removing all scratches chunks etc and been repainted white... they look sexy as (LIKE NEW!!), they are rare rims, even in japan... they also come with a set of excellent like new condition tyres, 255/45 17's for rears and 235/45 17's for fronts... these rims will top of the look of ANY car... looking for 900$ ono...

    will try post pics up dis week some time.... for a mms pic of them just sms me and ill send u one... 0422 55 33 83

    rims located in sydney....

    Cheers, Lee.
  2. WazTTed

    WazTTed Grease Monkey


    there so sexy there invisible!!! , post up some pics dude
  3. MikeZ32

    MikeZ32 das Über member

    need pics
  4. carzone

    carzone in the corner crying!

    Are these the wheels???


  5. akeizm

    akeizm New Member

    I'm interested, if it is the wheels that were just posted.
  6. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member

    didnt u read wot i wrote i said i will no need 2 b a smart asss
  7. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member

    Yeah champ thats them!
  8. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member

    yeah thats them man if u r interested pm me let me know!! :)
  9. BoneZx

    BoneZx Active Member

    I got the same set in silver

    i got the same set of rims in silver and they do look good on a zed
  10. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member

    still up 4 sale
  11. BoneZx

    BoneZx Active Member


    would you take $650 for then and can you post them to qld

  12. .maqcr3am.

    .maqcr3am. New Member

    i can post them, and i will sell them for 750 + postage

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