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Discussion in 'Technical' started by ZedEx, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. ZedEx

    ZedEx Dr No

    Hey guys,
    I've got two separate orders to do. One is through Caz for the 100000 km service kit, plus the extra pack and the gates timing belt. The other is through Coz at conceptz. There has been a set back, though! I can't get though to my stupid bank to increase my daily pay anyone limit (currently set at 100 bucks cos i usually use paypal online). So now i've had to tell Coz, after my card was declined, to wait til tonight or tomorrow and try again. Ah! I want my stuffs!

    ah well should all be here and ready to go in under 2 weeks i hope. All up this is costing about 1800 bucks to do myself, but i'm doing other mods besides the service in he one hit. Figured it'd be easier.


    damn banks
  2. Zexual

    Zexual Zed Head

    1800 big ones :eek: wat are the prices for everythin man

    cheers James
  3. ZedEx

    ZedEx Dr No

    yeah i know. Scary numbers ay.
    I'm getting the service kit plus the extra kit, and the gates timing belt, from Caz. All up, incl. postage that order is about 950. Then i'm getting an underdrive pulley and lightened pulleys from conceptz in america. Also getting new pcv valves, a couple of little interior bits that need replacing (that doesn't account for much though) and that's about it i think. Comes to a bit all up, but i won't have to do much else for a while
  4. ZedEx

    ZedEx Dr No

    my order from Coz at conceptz is as follows:
    - polished 4 pc lightened pulley kit - 400 US
    - polished underdrive pulley - 190 US
    (both these lots come with belts)
    - din pocket (the hole in my dash threatens to swallow the universe! :p ) - 21 US
    - Radio Bezel Top Cover right and left (prev. owner lost these)
    - radio bezel finishing trim (lost that too)
    - hood prop rod grommet (mines stuffed)
    - pcv set (2 valves and 2 pcv pipes) - 50 US
    - drain plug and washer.

    90 bucks shipping. Cheapest prices i can find anywhere for these parts, so i figured i may as well get them all in the one order and save on shipping.


    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    Don't waste your money on the lightened pulleys unless you want your car to over heat. The waterpump pulley is smaller and slows the water pump down at idle to the point where the car can't circulate enough water to cool pproperly. Trust me, I spent 12 months trying to track down my cooling issue and only solved it when I switched back to the stock water pump pulley.
  6. ed300zx

    ed300zx Active Member

    is that the same as the 'GFB Underdrive Pulley'and the overdrive pully???? or is that something different????
  7. ZedEx

    ZedEx Dr No

    are you sure the unorthodox racing pulleys from concept z are smaller? From what i read they are the same size as standard, just lighter. I'll check again though
  8. ZedEx

    ZedEx Dr No

    No these are by Unorthodox Racing. From what i read their just lightweight and it's the underdrive crank pulley that does the most in terms of underdriving the accessories. The rest is through weight loss
  9. fradda

    fradda I've been everywhere man.

    Wykked are you just talking about an lightened water pump pulley only?? or the UDP's as well??
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  10. WYKKED

    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    I have a UR underdrive pully. I have had it for many years now. After it had been on the car for a couple of years I purchased the rest of the set of UR accessory pullies (waterpump, powersteering and alternator) and that is when my problems struck. I put the pullies on during an engine rebuild and the engine ran hot afterwards. I spent nearly 2 years trying to sort it out, even after a second engine rebuild it still ran hot at idle. The moment I swapped back to the factory pully everything was fine. The only thing I can attribute the overheating to was the fact that the UR waterpump pully was smaller than the stock unit, so was turning the pump slower at idle.
  11. lobsta

    lobsta Godlike Member

    that doesnt make sense.... the smaller the pulley is the faster it will spin. therefore to make water pump spin faster you would want a smaller pulley on it. however the smaller the pulley the greater the toll on throttle response
  12. yellow300zx

    yellow300zx Pimpin Ain't Easy

    Yeah the bigger the pulley the slower it goes not the other way around
  13. Tektrader

    Tektrader Z32 Hoe, service me baby

    What he said.

    I tried a lightened harmonic balancer. I could feel the unbalance with the alloy one on. Swapped it back straight after.

    Save your US $600 and spend it on something that works. These and the other lightened pulleys are a waste of time.

    Only one worth looking at is the Ross balancer from the GB.
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  14. rollin

    rollin First 9

    yeah its just not required to go fast. My zed was one of the quicker stock zeds. the only mods being a tuned ECU, boost jests and 3 inch catback it was doing between 310 and 330rwhp. It shows that alot of the stock gear is up to the task
  15. zed4life (

    zed4life ( Ω vicarious zedder Ω

    What Tecky said

    Save your money so when an unexpected repair bill pops up (and they always do) you'll have the money and not regret pissing it away on an item that is almost invisible from view.

    Things like Series 2 PTU, overhaul cooling system, frequent oil changes with high quality oil ... These are how to baby your zed.:zlove:

    UNIQUE ZED Zed Racing World

    Pulley size

    Not sure if It will help or confuse but anyway here goes. If big hp high reving, and expecially if you drive it hard or if go to the track, then you want to slow the water pump down, so it does not cavitate. So need either smaller crank pulley or larger water pump pulley or as I have down both like I have done. The Ross balancers are 10mm OD smaller so slightly underdriven, whilst the bearing shaking alloy once peice pulleys are 20mm smaller.

    Conclusion, if car is a daily and often low revs and in traffic, or not driven hard, then normal water pump speed is the go, but if often reving over 4000rpm and up to 7500 or higher, then you want to slow it down. I don't know of any car with problem with underdriven but know of cars that overheat when driven hard with normal water pumps speed. Same goes for power steering which if revs are high it spins to fast and overheats. We actually disconnect when we go to the drags.

  17. ZedEx

    ZedEx Dr No

    strangely dragged up 14 month old thread? What the...
  18. rollin

    rollin First 9

    So how did you go? did you get the underdrive pulley? lol

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