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  1. tassiezed

    tassiezed Senior Member

    Hi, a while ago I bought a used series II PTU in a GB and because I have recently sold my car I now have no use for it.
    $80 by direct bank deposit (I'll PM the details) to anywhere in Australia.
    Includes wiring diagram and plugs with about 90mm of wire.
  2. johnyamasaki

    johnyamasaki Yama's 89' 300zx 2+2

    interested!!! is that $80 including postage? im up in Brissy.
  3. tassiezed

    tassiezed Senior Member

    Yes, it certainly does include postage (Aus Post parcel). PM sent....

    URHYNS Well-Known Member

  5. tassiezed

    tassiezed Senior Member

    Sorry Urhyns, had a PM just a minute before you...

    The PTU is now sold. Moderators - please remove ad.
  6. tassiezed

    tassiezed Senior Member

    Sorry, johnyamasaki - didn't hear from you again by 9pm so it went to the second person to PM me about this.
  7. a2zed

    a2zed Guest

    I have a few if any one is interested, pm me.

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