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Discussion in 'Technical' started by mikemd, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. mikemd

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    Anyone still have access to the illus showing wire connections for converting to Series 2 PTU?? Have checked Tech Section to no avail... these illustration/s were shown in a thread some time back but I can't locate.
  2. Mr.Zed

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    i just brought the piggy back wireing for mine so new piggy back wiring plugs into the old ptu plugs and then then the new piggy back wiring plugs into ur ptu no cutting or anything simple as.
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  4. OZX_320

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    piggyback plugs are not ideal
    -Additional loom mess at the front of the engine. Failure to secure it correctly will result it the PS pump pulley devouring it
    -2 more connection points to check for failure
    -Retains the old S1 Plugs. Most detrimental part of the conversion. Old plugs are prone to corrosion, fatigue in the plastic. Female pin connector locking tabs releasing and pushing the connections back into the plug, breaking the connection.

    Hid up member VADER for the diagram. He posted an in depth thread on how to perform the conversion.

    Add 20min to the job and 1 roll of electrical insulation tape, and you can untape the loom back to the CAS point and relocate your new PTU to underneath the nose panel, thus removing the PTU and associated plugs from engine bay heat.

    Add another 14min to the job, a bit of extra soldering and 3 lengths of flex wire, and you can extend the CTS and temp sensor wire through the nose panel and bring it out at drivers side, adjacent to the top radiator hose. This eliminates any wiring across the front timing covers of the motor.
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    Thanks Pennyarvs! Much appreciated. Unfortunately, the factory is still in the process of printing and storing exam papers, so until they have been finished and delivered we can't use the factory storage area. I need so much done I hope they hurry...!! :):)
    Just surfaced after 3wks with the 'flu (despite having had my annual anti-'flu injection) and found my sweet little Z waiting patiently for me - with a flat battery!! And, having developed yet another source to cause massive overheating.... this time from the twin short inlet hoses from the engine to the radiator inlet pipe. Pulled it all down and replaced hoses and, to date, no further sign of leakage... minor win!!
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    Every little thing you fix is one less thing that will go wrong before these cars rust into the ground (hopefully in the very distant future...)

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