Sard fuel injectors 650cc

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by Tektrader, May 22, 2006.

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    Tektrader Z32 Hoe, service me baby

    Jason, I am happy for this to be put to rest now (I hope you are as well)

    I was a bit surpised by your comment about not knowing the collar GB was on.

    I sent you this email ages ago.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Graham Johnson []
    Thursday, 1 June 200610:16 PM
    To: ''
    Subject: SARD 63561 injectors

    Hi Jason,

    By now you have noticed the quantities of 63561 injectors that are getting ordered. That is the result of my group buy I set up on AUS300zx.

    I decided it would be easier to get the injectors ordered straight through you rather than me buy them as per the quote you gave me.

    I have made the injector collars here as the SARD ones are a stupid price that?s why they are buying injectors all of a sudden.

    Reason for the email is to find out if you can cut me a deal on a set of injectors for organizing the buy??

    I need 6 as well


    Graham Johnson
    Distribution Manager
    Australia, New Zealand

    Maybe you didnt read it properly or didnt understand what was happening!!

    In any case, People have their injectors and all is well.
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  2. JZX

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    Graham, you are correct, it was from that point on that Greenline knew about the injector collars being manufactured by you and what you were doing with the association. My mistake in the previous post. Working with Greenline for group buys is not a problem although you will need to be clear with your intentions from the beginning in order us to help with pricing - the sole purpose.

    Rob260 and Graham,
    I became a member of this forum prior to owning my Z back even before the neural motion forum. Some older members (mainly in Perth) know me and about my involvement with Greenline once it started.

    Although limited, you will find that I have contributed to the forum whenever I can with whatever information I have. I have never pushed any particular product or attempted to sell directly on this public forum or on any other. Time, the scope of Greenline and now spending the majority of my time outside Australia does not allow me to contribute at the level I want to.

    Hence my comment regarding money. Although not a major biff up, it is tussles like this where business and personal issues are mixed together that can bring to an end my involvement at a personal level. I value this forum more for my ability to participate as part of the community more than monetary gain.

    Though things may change now as it becomes common knowledge, I have been a little reluctant to make this fact public in this community for this reason, to keep my private life separate from my business.

    Other members have mentioned the connection before on these boards and for those who have contacted me, I have helped where I can with group buys, parts etc and will continue to do so through Greenline, though I do not want to be the relative that shows up to family gatherings who is always trying to flog off tupperware.


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