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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Gunwarm, Aug 10, 2017.

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    Forgive my ignorance but what is the background story? i'm guessing an old members much loved Zed has been run into the ground?
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  3. Gunwarm

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    This is all there is
    Selling my Nissan 300ZX.

    Reason for sale:

    Purchased the car about 2-3weeks ago (now waiting for my company car) . Unfortunately I had a dishonest RWC, whether the seller knew of the situation or not I have no idea. The car has been serviced as of 10/08/2017 and mechanics were in disbelief that it even got cleared for a RWC. Sucks on my end because I'm now stuck with a car that has issues which I cannot afford to fix and/or deal with and loss of cash because of it.

    Some of the issues (not all listed) are:
    - insufficient radiator mounting
    - radiator leaking
    - bottom radiator hose bent and Restricting flow
    - power steering leak (hose clamps and hoses require replacement)
    - front and rear engine oil leaks
    - fan belt loose
    - LH steering rack boot split
    - no bonnet stay
    - no battery clamp/retainer
    - no fan shroud
    - AC does not work
    - AC compressor remarkably noisey
    - aftermarket seats fitted and have excessive movement
    - aftermarket seats are not legal does not have modification plates
    - no horn button
    - subwoofer speaker not mounted
    - coolant leaks in multiple places

    Other issues (not part of RWC):
    - paint faded in areas
    - interior needs work
    - small rust piece back right (as per photo)
    - sat Nav has errors

    Only thing that's legit with this car is probably the radio and 4 brand new tyres (definitely a win)

    Car still drives, starts fine, drives fine.

    Will be sold unregistered for obvious reasons.

    Any questions happy to answer them. Cheers
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    Mate we could all speculate heaps, I'm speculating that an up-and-comer with zero idea of Zeds wanted a hot looking ride at a bargain price;
    " Purchased the car about 2-3weeks ago (now waiting for my company car) " is a possible clue.
    If he couldn't find let alone fix about half of the things on that RWC list then he's not a serious player.
    And if he couldn't spot that bogged patch falling out of the RHS quarter panel for himself, and he likes rims that look like Gumby doing a star jump, then we can't help him. But I'm just speculating :D
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  5. Shane001

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    Those rims would have been enough for any normal person to turn and run lol
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  6. MickW

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    Yep. I get that people's aesthetic tastes differ a lot but if you paint butterflies on your B-double Kenworth's cabin or put fake dog turds on your wedding cake you'll be outside the boundaries a bit. Other people will notice but they'll mostly be too polite to pull you up about it.
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  7. Instamatic

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    I don't get it. Are we supposed to feel sorry for this guy? What's the point of this thread?
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  8. MickW

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    Be patient mate, we're all waiting and speculating.
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    The suspense is killing me!!!
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  10. Gunwarm

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    Pray for him lol ;)
  11. CHILI

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    Based solely on the Pics provided, this car 'looks' to be in quite reasonable condition(and could be a reasonable basis for a good "Keeper"). Worth a second look, IMHO.
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