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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by tuff, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. tuff

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    Hi guys, looking at buying a set of rota grid r wheels for my Z in 18 or 19", looking at a 10" rear and 9.5" front, stAndard brakes, what offsets and tire sizes can I get away? I'd like some dish front and rear and don't want to pump/pull guards, don't mind rolling them though.

    Also can I run a 9.5 rim on front of Z? Seems bloody wide to me but it's smallest width size they have
  2. 3clipse

    3clipse #TEAMROB

    9.5 on the front is very doable.

    This is 9.5 +22 all around.

    A 10 +28 on the rear would look the same as the above photo.

    Hope that gives you some ideas.
  3. Fists

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    Note that the fitment in 3clipse's picture requires stiff suspension and a moderate ride height since the tyres are in-line with the guards, if you incease the offset another 5-10mm they should tuck in a little easier without camber mods. It shouldn't be hard to run 245 or 255 on the front and 275 on the rear. For looks most people stop at 18" wheels on the Z32 because 19" end up with silly low profile although if that's the look you want go for it.

    This is 18x8.5 +32 front and 18x9.5 +38 rear and just grazes the outside of the tyres on unrolled guards
    Tyres are 235 front and 255 rear.

    Edit: Oh, and I do have stiff suspension too.
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  4. Wizard

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  5. tuff

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    Yeah I have searched but still struggling with the offsets that will/won't fit
  6. Romonski

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    eww rotas
  7. jantht05

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    I don't know if it's already been mentioned because i haven't read all the comments. But the guy at Vision R (Who sells the Rotas in WA) does free trial fitting for you. I was around there the other day.

    Give him a call.

  8. tuff

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    Thanks, I'll look into doing that once it's painted

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