Ross Racing Harmonic Balancer with Crank Trigger Wheel

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by rob260, Sep 29, 2016.

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  1. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    So a few people are interested in a proper crank-trigger pulley for Z32. The benefits of running a crank trigger rather than cam angle sensor (as per factory arrangment) are much more consistent crank position signal, which in turn allow you to really optimise performance via tuning the ignition timing.

    Compare these two graphs below (taken from kickerzx' post on

    The first is running a conventional CAS and as you can see the engine speed (top line in green) graph is very scattered


    In this second pic you can see the engine speed graph is much more linear due to more consistent crank position signal from the crank trigger


    I've been speaking to Ross Performance about having a trigger balancer made up using their Metal Jacket harmonic balancers and this is what we've come up with...

    The basic features of the harmonic balancer are

    • High carbon steel hub / pulley units
    • High carbon steel damping ring, fully bonded using an anti-vibration, anti-tear natural rubber
    • Damping weight optimized for much higher RPM and power level over an OEM unit
    • Aerospace grade anodized aluminium power steering pulley
    • OEM diameter water pump/alternator and A/C pulley to maintain optimal belt wrap
    • Under driven power steering pulley to protect power steering pump at high RPM
    • Lightweight anodized aluminium timing disk
    • Laser etched 360° timing marks
    • Steel components corrosion protected with a hot phosphate coating process and a high quality matte black paint finish
    • Uses grade 10.9 or better hardware
    • Complies with SFI spec 18.1

    They are lighter than a stock balancer while still absorbing harmonic vibration from the crank shaft. A harmonic balancer is recommended over a non-balancing pulley, especially on high HP motors, as Each time the air/fuel mixture inside a cylinder is ignited, the combustion that occurs creates a torque spike that is applied to the crankshaft through the piston and connecting rod. This torque spike is so severe that it not only turns the crankshaft, it actually twists the crankshaft ahead of its normal rotation and then the crankshaft rebounds. This twisting action is known as torsional vibration. When these torque spikes and forces get into phase with the natural frequency, critical torsional harmonic vibrations occur and can be seriously destructive to the bearings and the crankshaft. Dampers are designed to control those destructive vibrations" (credit to Z1 motorsports for that explanation).

    In addition to the above each balancer will be fit with a 24-1 toothed trigger wheel that is compatible with popular link, vipec, haltech etc ECUs.

    Please note the pic below is of an RB series balancer (as they won't make an Z32 units until we order) and should be used as an indicative reference only.


    Some things you need to know....

    Obviously this will require a Hall Effect sensor and mounting bracket. It is my intention to have a suitable bracket CNC machined and to offer these as a package with the sensor at a later date. I need to have a balancer before I can get the bracket machined.

    You will also need to use a Cam-Sync if you want to maintain sequential fuel & ignition. The easiest way to do this is by installing an AEM trigger disc into your factory CAS. I can do a group buy on these at a later date, too.

    The cost on these per unit is $936.76, however for an order of five we can get them for $871 each. Please note that payment will be required in full should you wish to participate in the group buy, and that no refunds or cancellations will be accepted for any reason as your financial commitment is my financial commitment.

    I have three keen buyers from discussions away from the forum; we need another two (or more) buyers to make this happen. This won't be for everyone, but if you're wanting to bring you Z32 in to the 21st century then it might just be for you...

    Please indicate your interest, or fire away with any questions, below.
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  2. syntax_X

    syntax_X Zed Head

    Procky and Blackbeast should be keen!


    Are they going to be the race versions like mine without aircond ?


  4. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    I've priced up for metaljacket series which have water pump & alternator, air con, and power steering as that will suit the majority of end users.

    If you're after race series with no aircon pulley I can order that too, it'll be approx $50 extra.
  5. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    I'm very keen (would buy now) on a set up to mount the hall effect sensor, and the disk for the CAS too, but I have an ATI already so a second balancer not much use to me.
  6. chewy

    chewy Active Member

    I'll definitely be in for one. Hopefully they will be either black or silver :)
    Also when they're available I'll definitely be up for the hall effect sensor + cnc bracket (in aluminium so I can polish it) plus the cam-sync trigger plate for the CAS.
  7. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Awesome and they'll 100% be black


    I'll be interested if they can make a racing version one like mine .its slightly underdriven on all pulleys and more importantly time frame
  9. ProckyZ89

    ProckyZ89 Senior Member

    I'm interested but timing sucks and I'm broke. Likely will get one soonish down the track but.
    See how my current venture goes
  10. kickerzx

    kickerzx Member

    I just came here to *like*...
    Great initiative. Carry on!
  11. syntax_X

    syntax_X Zed Head

    Well then looks like your timing will suck... get a loan or something :p
  12. ProckyZ89

    ProckyZ89 Senior Member

    Bout to get a mortgage don't particularly want another

    I'll see what happens with mine before I hit panic buttons.
    But likely will get one later on
  13. kickerzx

    kickerzx Member

    HPacademy recently did a couple webinars on triggering and trigger problems.
    I suggest you guys watch them. Just register as a bronze member (free) and watch them. Webinar 95 and 96...
  14. 92z32tt

    92z32tt New Member

    Hi Rob,

    A little late for me ... I had ROSS make this for me earlier this year. Took them 4 months to deliver by the way.:(

    But since they have had practice on me they "should" be able to do better.

    I have mounted the Hall Effect Sensor on the Alternator Bracket bolt ... will post a picture to night.

  15. Boll!

    Boll! Well-Known Member

    Hi Rob.
    I'm interested in one minus the air-con

  16. 92z32tt

    92z32tt New Member

    Here are some more photos of the Damper from Ross Performance.

    Also photos of the mounting system I used for the Hall sensor, done like this the belts can be replaced without moving the sensor.

    Hope this helps people who thinking of fitting the crank trigger system.



    Just a little question on igntion timing .
    Just spoke to tuner and my igntion timing is a very lineal line on the graph .

    The haltech has a filter which does this , without it is a little sketchy.

    Anyone know if this filter just masks the problem or actually corrects it ?

  18. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Hey guys; have contacted Ross re pricing in race series (no air con pulley) dampers. Will post when they call me back tomorrow.
  19. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    At best it's approximating the timing based on cam position (it can't know crank position).
  20. kickerzx

    kickerzx Member

    BB. Yes Haltechs just masks the problem. Probably why this hasnt caught on earlier since most people seems to go with Haltech. I received a log from a fellow with the same valvetrain as me a few days ago. He runs stock disk in the cas. Rpm line was smooth as silk. Not even my crank fitted trigger graph is THAT smooth. So that tells me Haltech is filtering the signal like crazy not doing anyone any favors..
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