Z32 RH turbo housing water in/out

Discussion in 'Technical' started by NI85, Aug 10, 2022.

  1. NI85

    NI85 Active Member

    I'm slowly putting an engine back together.

    The right hand side turbo is on the table. Took off the coolant lines to clear out the blockages/sludge/grime.

    The water In Out ports on the turbo casing : How freely is water meant to flow through one side to the other? As currently nothing put in one side is draining out the other side.
  2. MickW

    MickW Carntry member...

    The water feed tubes are definitely clear?
    Might seem like a silly question but do you have wasps in your area?
    Those wasps that build mud chambers for their kids inside any available hole.
  3. NI85

    NI85 Active Member

    No wasps. They would have had to go through the oily watery gritty sludge in the banjo fittings that had to be poked clear.

    I had removed the feed lines to clear out the sludge. Then trying to remove any blockages from the coolant in outs on the turbo housing itself,
    *Does the turbo have to be hot for fluid to flow through? I ask; as reading about cooling turbos, mentions they designed for water flow using thermal dynamics to suck "cold" water through to keep the bearing from being heat damaged when car is turned off.

    Basically trying to figure if no flow is due to massive blockage or something by design.
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  4. NI85

    NI85 Active Member

    Well, after close inspection with torch and picks. Just a whole lot of hard sludge. Took a fair bit of time to clear out, but water flows quite freely now. :)

    Only after the right hand one, did I think to look at the left hand, which was clear and would have answered my question if I thought to check it first (it was already bolted onto the engine).
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