Z32 Replacement Themistors

Discussion in 'Technical' started by jimmeyz, Oct 28, 2022.

  1. jimmeyz

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    After running a diagnostic on my auto ac system, I found I need to replace the three thermistors in the vent ducts driver's footwell area.
    Does anyone know of any new replacements that would be suitable? Which values?
    I have seen some on Jaycar but I'm not really sure which ones to get. Anyone here done this before?

  2. IB

    IB ?????

    Have you checked they're all plugged in and none of the wiring is damaged? I had one where the wires had been severed, soldered the wires and all good. That was many years ago.
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  3. jimmeyz

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    The wires and connections look ok. I will test continuity and make sure I'm getting a current from the harness plugs to the thermistors today sometime. The reason I ran the diagnostic was because the hot air stopped flowing when heater temperatures were set, I read that these sensors influenced the operation of the actuator opening the heater cock. I have manually put 10v to this through pins 42, 43 and I can hear it activate. It could be a bad cable. I will keep testing for now, I don't really want to pull the dash just yet. I like my heater
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  4. MickW

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    3 thermistors failing at the same time is very unlikely. Did the heater systems fail progressively over time or all at once?
    I'd be looking for a common connector for those 3 thermistors.
  5. jimmeyz

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    I thought three thermistors failing was unlikely too. After testing them, I'm ruling them out as they seem to be working fine, and I have continuity from auto amp plugs to those circuits. The system failed over a few days blowing hot, then blowing cold while still set on 40, and so on until hot air stopped. I haven't tested the cabin sensor yet near the light.
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