Repairing front edge damage.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Moose Train, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. Moose Train

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    Bought a 300zx NA 2+2 with 327kms on it as a project.
    Ended up replacing the exhaust, removing the AIV, replacing the glovebox, fixing the headlight wiring.
    And after 2 months on the road ended up running up the back of a car..

    Moving forward the bonnet closes but everything on the left side is out of alignment by about 1cm. Is this fixable? Or is it worth just binning it as I plan to upgrade to a TT very soon.

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  2. Moose Train

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    The frame damage is the beam that runs behind the headlights.
  3. DazzaZ32

    DazzaZ32 Active Member

    Could try a block and tackle and see if you can pull it forward the 1cm
  4. jellybeans

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    If the rest of the car is in very good condition it might be worth fixing. Depending on the damage you need to either unstitch and replaced the damaged front apron( if thats whats damaged) or reverse the force that was placed on the damaged panel. This could require welding pulling points to the damaged panel. 1cm is not a lot you maybe able to simply beat it out. depends how twisted it all is. Cost is very little if you have the skill and gear, cost maybe too high if you have to pay a panel beater.
    My guess is if your asking then you do not feel able or comfortable tackling the job yourself.
    You could also look at it like this . Why don't i have a go tapping this out cause it will cost me nothing and i might learn a lot. if you grab a bunch of screwdrivers, pliers and bits of wood in varies shapes and a hammer and use them to gently tap on the damaged sections you will probably be able to turn 1cm into 2mm. i think have a go yourself.
    Start on the least damaged bits by straightening out lips etc and the work your way into the worst bits.

    Maybe post a picture of the actually damage
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  5. bret

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    If it’s the rail that will require the car to b anchored to a tree or ie lamp post electric pole chain it to the pole the rail that’s damaged this will be a two person job as one has to back up the car so it’s got pressure on it the other to make Shaw its not twisting or damaging anything else then tap out the damage on the skirt it acts as a rack like in a panel shop put a blanket over the chain make Shaw its attached both ends properly as it cold come off it will hert if it dose lol at the lest need to tap it out while it’s got pressure on it will make yore job easier
  6. Moose Train

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    Yeah got my old man to give me a hand. Actually tried something similar to that. Basically pieces of wood with a hammer. Going to try do everything myself. Its a NA with 320k on it I bought as a project, and to learn about zeds before getting into TTs. Cheers for the advice.

    Hoping the rail isnt too gone. Im going to take the radiator and headlights out after this university semester and see how bad the full extent of the damage is. If it is ill be trying this.

    Here is a photo, ill take a better one later but this shows the impact going up into the front apron.

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  7. bret

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    If the rail is bent u might b best stripping the parts off around the aria and having a word to yore local panel shop to put it on a rack and pull it and square it back up it will b cheaper if u do the strip and refitting just ask them to pull it and square it up again
  8. Tektrader

    Tektrader Z32 Hoe, service me baby

    No substitute for fixing it properly, Get a Panel beater to rack it and get it straight... This was my car before and after it was fixed. It was perfect afterward....

    DCP03171.JPG DCP03172.JPG buggeredfront (1).JPG fixedfront.JPG

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