Refer a customer to us and receive a FREE basic service!!

Discussion in 'For Sale by Businesses' started by Fleet, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. Fleet

    Fleet Speed Racer

    If you refer a customer to us and they spend a minimum of $120 in our workshop, then your next basic service with us is FREE!!

    No there is no catch :)
  2. hukie90

    hukie90 300TTorrr?

    why cant i live in Queensland.
  3. ed300zx

    ed300zx Active Member

    if i refer myself to your workshop is my basic service after that free???? :D
  4. Fleet

    Fleet Speed Racer

    yeah ok buy one get one free!
  5. ed300zx

    ed300zx Active Member

    i was only joking pete
  6. loud'n'proud

    loud'n'proud Challenge Accepted


    shut up and take it!
  7. Fleet

    Fleet Speed Racer

    yeah its basically the same result anyway :)
  8. Benny_C

    Benny_C About as subtle as...

    Another great offer there Pete!

    Can't complain about the service of our Brissie Zed specialist. What a great offer! Good work there Pete. :zlove:
  9. Fleet

    Fleet Speed Racer

    I thought I told you to move? :)
  10. blueraven

    blueraven Active Member

    Not a bad idea if you split with a friend and get $60 service each :)
  11. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    Damn - just missed out by a few weeks! :( I'll have to get James to bring his Mazda in asap to get the water pump done and score that free service! :D

    BTW Pete, he's really happy with the work you did on the airbox with the custom piping - says it holds its gearing so much better on the highway and more responsive off the line. GOOD JOB!
  12. Fleet

    Fleet Speed Racer

    thats great to hear the good feedback, thanks Kris :)
  13. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    Is this still available Pete?

    James is going to bring his car in late December for you to fix the water pump, plus I referred him for the air intake too! :biggrin:
  14. Fleet

    Fleet Speed Racer

    sorry Kris, this offer is no longer available. Mods please either lock or delete this thread, thank you.
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