Rear camber and toe arm alignment bolts

Discussion in 'Technical' started by NI85, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. NI85

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    I've taken my car Jax tyres a number of times. After each wheel alignment, they note that the Rear right toe is at it's maximum adjustment.

    I decided to buy some adjustable toe arms and camber arms. Before taking to get alignment again. I wanted to at least balance both sides.

    The toe and camber bolts have adjustment markings, but suspension frame doesn't seem to have match marks to align the markings to. So what do they match up with?

    (the FSM shows basic direction of which way in and out, but no apparent zero point)
  2. Shane001

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    There should be a notch in the frame that the offset washer rotates in. If you have adjustable arms it doesn't matter, just set both bolts to about centre and adjust with the arms.
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