Z32 Rare, hard to find parts

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Jason ttz32, Sep 25, 2021.

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    PM sent
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    It's Jesse Streeter, google him, he's got a website. He'll purchase / bid on anything your after & ship it over, used him a few times & always great service.
    Another good one is importmonster, their website lets you search yahoo auctions & bid on things yourself. Again I've used them a heap of times & always a good experience.
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    Pic attached. Offer ?

    20211103_182225.jpg 20211103_182232.jpg
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    I second that, Jesse Streeter is excellent to deal with!
    He got me the 2000 spec window switches with the adaptor harnesses, WOW.
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    Unsure if rare, how many jdm Z owners have the correct maintenance service book? Not the english book that many claim ...

    I have the correct books in what appears to be a optioned leather Z folder ?

    Also just picked up a brand new sealed Nissan tool kit (early to middle period)

    Optioned middle period cd deck
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    Regarding Japanese text items. I don't know about anyone else, but the First thing I was after, was an English fuse panel label.
    Also looked for Japaneses to English camera app to convert what the ECU sticker says.. annoyingly broken English, so ??? (sort of like reading the Yahoo Japan auction site)
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    Fascinating with all the accessories. I wonder what the ultimate accessorized z32 model would need to be.

    Would anyone drive a low KM, Twin Turbo Tommy Kaira z32, that has Recaro seats, plush carpet mats ,Bose sound system with TV, with front/rear 2K spec lights, with the Glow rear light panel and quarter windows, fully tool kitted, with uv air purifier and snow ski's on the roof to the snow?! or anywhere without being in a climate controlled car carrier with police escort.... our Zeds are precious gems right?
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    i have that mudflup on my 95 TT USDM
    the antena can be bought new as of jan.2021. I bought one.

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    some rare parts I bought

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    Unfortunately when I sold these Altia 2+2 1/4 glass they went over to the states. When I first purchased them I had a 2+2 and had intended on using them until I picked up a slicktop.

    to contribute to this thread I would say the 99' spec recaros with the blue artista inserts, the only person I know with that had them was ed300zx
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    These? Very rare, $$$$
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    Abflug gated shifter - Yahoo auctions for anyone interested.

    Not exactly rare ? getting there though... 94- cassette deck, optional parts brochures and price lists, new discontiued slick mould roof drips.
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    Got a link to the shifter?

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