Z32 random wire around aiv area

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by MORBOOST, Apr 22, 2024.


    MORBOOST Active Member

    found this lead while doing aiv anyone know what it's for, goes back to 2nd pick through grommet . Tested no power. IMG_20240422_150808.jpg IMG_20240422_150823.jpg

    MORBOOST Active Member

    worked it out, old aftermarket shit masquerading as oem
  3. ryzan

    ryzan Moderator Staff Member

    Guessing old amp wiring or something like that? Sometimes the hardest thing is trying to work backwards from someone elses handywork.
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  4. MickW

    MickW Carntry member...

    Amen to that.
    This is why we prefer to buy un-modded Zeds.
    And then we mod them :)

    Best thing is to document the mods so the next owner has some idea of what to expect.
    But who bothers to do that ? Very few.

    MORBOOST Active Member

    yeah I would say old old amp wiring as I pulled different amp wiring previously. I admit i was fooled with this as it just popped out, was a yellow wire with oem looking conduit poked through the engine loom grommet moulded around the hole with silicone covered in 20 years of dirt dust and spider webs, found the other end under the ecu wood panel, but I got to play automotive archaeology. Its not the stupidest thing I have found on this car that goes to who ever fitted blue lights to the dash, its like they took all the oem fasteners all the way to the cluster threw them away and grabbed new ones from the wood working box.

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