QLD zed spotted

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by ed300zx, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. frysie

    frysie FRYTECH

    its parked in the boat section :rofl:
  2. ryzan

    ryzan Black Mesa? Fat chance...

    Just saw this on TV, anybody's here?


  3. ed300zx

    ed300zx Active Member

    Drove past that red zed I mentioned a few posts ago. When I got back to the Home Ground camp in Gladstone, I saw a black 2+0 parked in the car park next to an orange skyline. Anyone's here?
  4. ed300zx

    ed300zx Active Member

    That could be the red one I drive past. Is currently sitting on some grass in a backyard visible from the road. The spoiler looks similar. Ill check the number plate tomorrow on the way home, it's too dark in the morning.
  5. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    Red Z turning from Alice into Queen St, Goodna - I was in the black Z at the lights. Think it had a quad-vented nose panel like myself.
  6. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    And a dark red Z parked on Horizon Drive, Jamboree Heights around 6pm today.
  7. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    Silver vert heading north through city yesterday

    QLDZDR ID=David

    Black Zed

    Black Zed following me near the Redlands Golf course, so I pulled over waiting for her to drive alongside, but she must have heard about my recent ants in my Zed problem and quickly did a U-turn and drove away, :confused: Ants are now gone by Ant-Rid.

    Looked like she was in good condition :D maybe darkend stock tail lights.
  9. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    Bright pink with possible veilside bodykit spotted at Acacia Ridge around 4:00pm last Thursday. Turning from Beatty Rd into Mortimer Rd.

    Female friend who I was with saw it, looked at me and said "Now THAT'S what I'm going to do to your car if you ever piss me off!"
  10. scottyoz1962

    scottyoz1962 Active Member

    :rofl: Kris that's what ex wives want too do to every mans car paint them hot pink . So don't peeve off your friend whatever you do.
  11. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    P plater in cbd towards valley this arvie. Dark purple, really loud. Looked nice, never seen it before. Not sure on the purple interior.
    Anyone know it? Was going to chat at the lights, but got a green an I lane filtered past on the blade
  12. QLDZDR

    QLDZDR ID=David

    Fast Lane

    Gunmetal Zed looking good in the fast lane near Dream World, heading towards Brisbane on Friday 30th Jan.
  13. B-Line

    B-Line Older junior member

    Pearl white, in Dalby, drove up on the footpath next to where I park mine at work then drove off.
  14. graysonvario

    graysonvario New Member

    Silver NA lowered on Simmons young surf guy spotted entrance of underwater world Mooloolaba
    Very clean ride
  15. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    you guys are badly overdue for a new spotted thread. this one locked, next one to post please start a new thread.
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