QLD Binna Burra CruiZe :thumbsup:

Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by K-zed, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. Fate

    Fate Evil Genius

    Stupid FRICKING hard to find parts:angry:

    Well twas a lovely day from a PSA point of view.

    Huge thanks to Rich0 for putting up with me, even if you did get sick of hearing me talk so you turned up the doof doof :(.

    Can't wait to get my Z back on the road. Those corners looked like fun, and my Z was stuck in a fricking shop asking for money as usual.

    Tis ok. Was a good day for it up and down those hills and not a spot of rain either.

    Thanks Rob for a wonderful time and Cindy you've gotta learn to pull that ass in a little more. You can't just leave it hanging in the middle of the road, People are going to think your mooning them.

    Fate... Feeling a little left out without his Z.
  2. woody_z32

    woody_z32 New Member

    So cut i couldnt make it was so close to having the Z finished when the

    brake booster died i couldnt drive it and spent all sunday fixing it :angry:

    have a look at my mini tech day write up

  3. BlaZeit

    BlaZeit New Member

    Once again looks

    like you all had a blast, and great piccies everyone.
  4. 308_HQ_350hp

    308_HQ_350hp New Member

    Any AFMs fall off this time


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