QLD 89 300zx Man TT 2+2 targa

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by FairlayDave, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. FairlayDave

    FairlayDave New Member

    Hey guys,
    due to a change of interest (and some peer presure by my brother lol) im going to sell the z

    i bought it with 130,000km on the clock at the beginning of 2006 and it is currently reading 151,xxx it was my only means of transport and a daily driver but i never had very far to go as you can see by the small increase in k's

    when i purchased the car i was told it was optioned by mines motor sports in japan wether that is true or not i cant say for sure but the suttle and effective mods havent let me down. plus theres a couple of mines stickers on it :p

    car was previously red but has been resprayed in white, the was done prior to purchase so i had a trusted machanic check it out and he said he couldnt find any evidence of accident history, only damage happened when someone decieded it would look better without the passanger mirror, i have replaced it and fitted but the plugs for the electrics is slightly different so it does not work. i kept the previous plug from my old mirror so all it would take is a quick swap over, i jsut havnt had the time.

    there is a plate in the engine bay which reads Bilstein total engine renewal service then theres some numbers after it stating the number of kilomiters it had when it was done but my grade 8 japanese is letting me down lol

    great car, only issue ive had in the 2 and a half years of owning is the starter motor came loose and a dead battery

    leather interior with black and grey cloth, comes up beutifully. some minor issues: rip in drivers seat, vynal on rear passanger side has peeled off a little. another small annoyance is the plug at the front of the car which reads the ambiant temperature has been ripped off so the sensor reads -86 deg and therefore doesnt cool since it thinks its already cold enough and auto is the only setting zeds come with :rolleyes: . coud also be the gas but i havnt had it fixed since im a big fan of windows down and have gotten by just fine.

    car comes with 5 months rego

    some extras:
    Heavy duty clutch
    Twin Blitz blow off valves
    Blitz Dual solenoid electronic boost controller
    Blitz boost gauge
    K&N lifetime pod filter
    Brand new rear tyres
    Ultra rev speed meter
    17" Ferrari F40 replica rims with 235 front and 255 rear tread (some gutter rash)
    alpine head unit, pioneer 6.5" splits, response amplifier, 12" pioneer subwoofer in box
    serviced every 10000kms by mechanic, fluids changed every 5,000 only quality oils used
    cat back 2.5" twin exhaust system
    Turbo timer
    Oil pressure, oil temp and water temp gauges in the centre dash

    currently has a lazy battery and laggs when first turned on after i havnt driven for a while but this will of course be replaced upon sale, also included is a full tank of premium fuel :D

    please note the date in the photos is wrong

    If any additional info is required please just ask and i'l try to answer as best i can

    All in all an excelent car asking price is $13,000






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  2. ProckyZ89

    ProckyZ89 Senior Member

    nice nice :p

    gah! *screams in anguish and frustration* Stop selling all your cars now LOL!
    I cant get them just yet! :(
    LOL why couldnt people wait till october then id be paying for it right this instant LOL.

    A GORGEOUS car :p id love her. but as mentioned above.. :(
    good luck with sale mate
  3. FairlayDave

    FairlayDave New Member

    haha cheers man. yer its served me well took a while to finally take the plunge and put it up for sale, sad to see it go.
    good luck with ur search
  4. FairlayDave

    FairlayDave New Member

    Engine Bay pic

  5. Red_Turtle_Z

    Red_Turtle_Z 'Nuf said....

    Looks pretty neat on the outside, good luck with it...
  6. FairlayDave

    FairlayDave New Member

    contact number

    sorry forgot to add my mobile,
  7. FairlayDave

    FairlayDave New Member

    Price Drop $12,000

    no takers?
  8. FairlayDave

    FairlayDave New Member

    comon guys someone needs to come and check it out, wont be dissapointed. in capalaba :)
  9. FairlayDave

    FairlayDave New Member

    bump - still for sale :)
  10. FairlayDave

    FairlayDave New Member

    negotiable on price, want it sold and will consider every reasonable offer :)
  11. FairlayDave

    FairlayDave New Member

    PRICE DROP $10,500 everyone :D
    like to see this gone to someone else who loves these cars
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  12. FairlayDave

    FairlayDave New Member


    the car has been sold thanks for your help everyone :)

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