PWR TTand N/A radiator GB is a go

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by ZX2NV, May 8, 2007.

  1. ZX2NV

    ZX2NV Z Racing Evolution

    Okay all after much discussion and revision the PWR radiators are ready for the market and we are doing a special introductory GB on them.

    Whats on offer

    Option 1 -

    PWR 42mm thick single core twin pass new core design universal fitment radiator.
    It has a 42mm single core (referring to thickness being made up of a single core) twin pass design with angled up lower pipe exit for better fitment.

    Option 2 -

    PWR 55mm thick twin core twin pass new core design universal fitment radiator.
    It has a 55mm thick twin core (referring to the thickness being made up of two 22.5mm thick cores) twin pass design with angled lower pipe exit for better fitment.

    The radiator features the stock shroud mounting points upper and lower. The radiator also comes with thermo fan tabs attached for those who want to use a thermo fan. These tabs are also offset so the factory shroud and thermo can be utilised together. Or you can use the factory shroud and clutch fan its totally your choice the radiator comes with all the options so just pick which way you want to fit it and you can change it later without modification. The radiator comes with a thermostat plug that utilises an Echlin temperature switch(not supplied) to control a thermo fan(not supplied) if you do not wish to use it the supplied plug can be left in place.


    This is a revised design of the one I got a few weeks back for the comparison thread and has been altered due to some of my input and other customers input.


    42mm twin pass single core will cost $620.00

    55mm twin pass twin core will cost $650.00


    We need Ten buyers for this to proceed at this price


    $40 to anywhere in Australia


    3 weeks from placing of completed order


    PWR in conjuction with Unique Auto Sports as the retailer

    OPTIONS - SPAL high flow thermo fan (as used in ZX2NV and SLOTCAR) $210
    Silicone radiator hose kit in blue or black $TBA

    I thought it to be a good time to slot this GB in given Z rated's dramas with his radiators and there seemingly is a bit of demand for radiators again at the moment.

    This is a top price compared to the normal RRP so get in quick
  2. carzone

    carzone in the corner crying!

    thats a very good price J!!!! I imagine the people at PWR have no limbs now with a price like that.

  3. ZX2NV

    ZX2NV Z Racing Evolution

    We took there legs but had to leave the arms so they can make em for us:D :D

    This is a special intro price too, all future GB pricing will be higher
  4. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master

    I'm assuming...

    that these are TT only...... No NA??

    and what modifcations would be required to get these to fit in an NA....

    I will need a radiator in the future when I do my TT conversion, but I will need a TT radiator with some sort of modification to fit the NA radiator support (ie, the mounting points are different between NA and TT).

  5. RedZedMikey

    RedZedMikey RZM should now be DZM


    Make sure they weld on the stock shroud mounting bosses! As part of the last PWR GB I ordered a twin pass for use with the stock shroud and clutch fan, but it arrived without the bosses. Unfotunately I've been too slack/busy to follow up, and when queried with UAS I did not get a response.

    l will probably take it to PWR locally for them to rectify.

    Cheers, Mike.
  6. Hyper101

    Hyper101 Well-Known Member

    In addition to this the Stock Shroud is NOT a straight fit.. as you can see in the pics the bottom of the shroud overhangs the radiator and the stock mounts in the shroud cannot be used without mods..
  7. ZX2NV

    ZX2NV Z Racing Evolution

    Guys as per original post clarified further the radiators will come fully universal including bosses for the factory shroud, the lower part of the radiators will have a 10mm turned down alloy lip so the bottom of the shroud attaches to it just like the OEM radiators its just the picture is another prototype unit the fianl completed drawings are done and ready to go.

    You will be able to fit your radiator with a thermo fan and no shroud
    Thermo with shroud
    Clutch fan with shroud
    Clutch fan without shroud
    and any of the above options with or without a temperature switch to cycle the thermo fan.

    This is the first OEM fit radiator that has been designed to work every possible way without further modding. I have personally put a lot of input into it after having two previous PWR units and now I have the third going into my car for testing shortly. As an added benefit they are really cheap for what you get

    I will keep this open for a few weeks and go from there.
  8. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master

    I would be interested but.....

    you still havent answered my questions in my post above...:)


  9. aK

    aK Banned

    Hi Jason,

    Mate, what are the performance comparison from a 42mm PWR radiator, 55mm PWR radiator and both compared to a brand new stock rodded radiator.

    I have a front mount and only a few months ago purchased a brand new OEM radiator and the car hasnt overheated once. So just wondering from your tests how they have performed. Sorry i havnt searched but thought it would be better for it to beadded in this post :)


  10. ZX2NV

    ZX2NV Z Racing Evolution

    Will look into options for you and other N/A cars


  11. Mitch

    Mitch Has one gear: GO

    interested if a NA version is available. Is it just the mounting brackets that are different???
  12. ZX2NV

    ZX2NV Z Racing Evolution

    I believe the hose entry and exit are different aswell
  13. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    I'm pretty interested in the 55mm version
    Jason, with all your testing and experience would these be fine on a reasonably modded road car with A/C etc still intact?
    I have a slight overheating problem when my engine is under load at speed. Low speed seems to be fine. So to me, a thicker rad seems to be the way to go to help with my situation. What do you think?

    Also I sent you a PM regarding your modded front bar, did you get it?

  14. ZX2NV

    ZX2NV Z Racing Evolution

    Its hard to say overall Ben there is a few variables that need to be looked at. Like how clean is the whole coolant system, whats the water pump like, is the thermostat operating correctly. Many people think its there radiator playing up and in many cases it is but some times it can be the clutch fan playing up, a blocking thermostat etc causing the probs.

    Anyway back on topic assuming all the above mentioned items are of known good condition and the A/C condenser is clean a thicker cored radiator would be a very good investment. A 55mm one I am not so sure. For a high powered street car etc and or track car 100%. Shifters car makes 400+ rwkw and he has the older style 40mm twin pass PWR with no complaints he has full a/c and everything still fitted.

    Short answer 55mm should be okay providing all the above points are in good condition. The smaller version may be better in terms daily driving etc.

    I havent carried out the pressure drop tests yet as been too busy but hope to get it done before racing next weekend as it will have to go in my car for testing then.

    Stay tuned

  15. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    jason .. i am a bit confused .. is there any particular

    reason for launching the sale of the PWR model when you are still in the process of the comparative testing against the AMS ... ?????
  16. ZX2NV

    ZX2NV Z Racing Evolution

    It was a bit of an exuctive decision Baz. Zrated's units were delayed due to a design problem, no koyos are available and the AMS one is still being tested etc plus there seemed to be a bit of demand again so I thought I would see if there is any takers. Have a couple but so far not enough to go ahead.

    These are a top introductory price too which made it very attractive overall.
  17. aK

    aK Banned

    Im sure once the testing is done- more will join- - like meeeeee :D lol
  18. ZX2NV

    ZX2NV Z Racing Evolution

    I have the big cahona one 55mm twin pass slicon hoses, echlin switch, custom welded nitrous brackets, thermo brackets all the good stuff and it gets finished be modded tomorrow afternoon hopefully so can go in the car and do some testing.

    The real reason for the test of the AMS against the PWR is to see how good the cheaper radiator stacks up against Australias finest, preliminary testing was completed on the AMS one a few weeks back now its the PWR's turn. Have a race on next sunday plus circuit battle on the 24th so will see whats what.
  19. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    I wont get into all my dramas right now but yeah pretty much all my system is either new or tested. But my current rad is a custom built one that came in the car when purchased, and i'm just not sure about it.

    My car makes around 300rwkw. Is that considered a high powered street car? ;)

    What's this about pressure drop tests? Ive got no idea what your talking about! lol
    You said you might be considering copying your front bar and I was wondering if you had any more thoughts on the matter. I understand your a busy lad and i'm in no hurry so it's all good :)


  20. fish

    fish N/A 1990

    PWR radiator GB

    I would also be interested in buying if you could supply for the N/A clan cheers FISH:zlove:

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