PURE 1 Oil Filters

Discussion in 'For Sale by Businesses' started by dannY_trev, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. dannY_trev

    dannY_trev New Member

    hi all.
    i can now get Pure One Oil filters to suit most cars (yes including zeds) relatively cheaply..
    I cant find a web page on this product but there are a few write ups on the net..
    they are an 'up' market filter. the filter pleats are very fine to capture more contaminants in the oil. aside from this they are just an oil filter..
    besides they have a metallic blue paint on the outside just for anyone whose car is on a hoist alot of the time :)

    to suit the z32 the filter is $18. very few retailers sell these filters..
    any interest???
  2. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    where are you located ....?? and would there then be a

    postage cost ...???

  3. wassaw7

    wassaw7 New Member

    Yeah im interested.
  4. kade_744

    kade_744 has largest member

    not exactly sure on prices, but super cheap auto stock them now, so yeh check give them a ring for a price to see if this is a good deal :)

    PL24457 is the part #
  5. kade_744

    kade_744 has largest member

    just found the website, very brief


    Top ranked in SAE tests. 98% multi-pass efficiency, next closest was 86% (leading brand A) lol
  6. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

  7. dannY_trev

    dannY_trev New Member

    yeah i can check it out for u and get a price..
    if super cheap are stocking them now i can probs get em a bit cheaper atm i get em from a dist. centre in canning vale..
    yeh ill give a call tomoz.

    Mr G u still interested in the fuel filter?
  8. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    supercheap .. pure one (premium) oil filters ..

    danny .. the latest supercheap catalogue has the above filters on special for around $12.99 and normal price of around $15.99.....????

  9. dannY_trev

    dannY_trev New Member


    hmm fuckers at super cheap..
    speshly since i used ta work there.. they have requested my services on sundays again (they need someone who knows wat a car is and does) so if i go back i will be able to discount there $13 pure one filters
    so if there selling for 13 they probs get em in for about 6 bucks a filter..
    i might jst order me a bunch!!!

    when i start again in a fortnight ill have a look at how cheap i can get em in.

    atm tho i have accounts wit coventrys so a lot of zed parts i can get with 20-45% off.. jst ask
  10. minivan

    minivan Guinea Pig Test Monkey

    the problem is.. supercheap have an fn huge account with coventrys and sell shit cheaper to the public than coventrys will sell to the trades.. thats including their 100% markup. when my bro used to work there i cherrished his 25% discount.. because if you find the right person in store.. they can lay their hands on anything.. cheap.. where as most dickheads there are like.. wtf is that.. no we dont have it and cant get it..

    yes you can.. its right here on the shelf.. lol.. fuckers

  11. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    I am still interested mate

    I picked up a Pure One oil filter while I was in there today (needed for weekend), but I would still be interested if you could get me a fuel filter. Any idea of cost/postage/time?

  12. kade_744

    kade_744 has largest member

    hahaha yes thats me :) im a casual worker at super cheap (around skool hours) and yeh i dont know all that much mechanically speaking so untill u say u own a zed i coulnt care less :p lol jokes but they do hire anyone, you dont even need to know the difference between ford and holden to get a job there! working with some guys is just painful, i start to get embarrassed just being in the same uniform.
  13. dannY_trev

    dannY_trev New Member

    there is alot better jobs out there ay. i was shamed to work at super cheap for a wile..some of the ppl are 15 and know that a v8 needs 8 spark plugs so they get a job :S
    but i got so many parts ordered in was good..
    but yeh gettin the parts wit discount u can get them like 75% off if u no the system well enough ;P
  14. dannY_trev

    dannY_trev New Member

    ohh and

    mr g ill get back to u wit the info u require..
  15. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy


    why does a V8 need 8 spark plugs ... ??? just a thought .... lol..lol....

    for example .. how many "billys" does a billy cart need ..???

  16. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    Thanks for your quick replies Dan

    Can't wait to fix up my fuel filter and get her running sweet...

    Oh, plus the 02 sensor that's not working, and the leaking power steering hose, and the tyre-shreading camber that needs adjusting, and a caliper repair kit, and replacing my worn rotors...

    but apart from that, she's all good! LOL

    I'll let you know when it arrives.
  17. dannY_trev

    dannY_trev New Member

    no probs

    well i can help u out wit the rotors.. im in the process of gettin new dba 4000 series for my car.. i think the set of 4 is setting me back jst over $1200 but they look cool and do a good job at stopping the car lol.
    you should be able to sort most of those problems yourself.. power steering hose u may find alot cheaper to buy a metre lenght and mould it yourself rather then going to nissan etc.
    only problem is cars depreciate and if thats not bad enough cost u more to keep running and looking good!!
  18. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    Filter has arrived!

    Thanks heaps Danny!

  19. dannY_trev

    dannY_trev New Member

    thank god for that

    i was worried they were never gonna get out of customs haha
    anyways hope it boosts the cleanliness of your fuel
  20. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    Flamin' customs

    (Ha-ha Lou and JBZ!)

    Once it's done and O2 replaced, should be sweet, i hope!!!

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