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Discussion in 'Technical' started by ProckyZ89, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. ProckyZ89

    ProckyZ89 Senior Member

    Does changing to a s2 PTU with the adaptor harness alter the COILPACK side of the harness.

    I was looking over a diagram then and it had 6 wires
    1 black and 5 red stripe wires.

    Mine however has 7 wires
    2 black and 5 red stripe.

    Looking at the colour eccs wirIng diagram it appears also to have 7 (2 black and 5 red)

    1-black coil pack 1
    5 red other coil pack
    1 black ground
  2. Hellsheep

    Hellsheep Administrator Staff Member

    I have a diagram laying around somewhere in my e-mail, however I won't be able to grab it until tomorrow, Marcus from Car Craze provided me some wiring diagram to replace the S1 PTU with an S2, I am not using the adapter harness however. I remember he mentioned the main thing was relocating the earth to the opposite side I think.

    Hopefully someone can reply with it here, if not I'll grab it for you tomorrow if I can find it.
  3. Hellsheep

    Hellsheep Administrator Staff Member


    I found the document Marcus provided me, PM me your e-mail addy and I'll send it to you :)
  4. Gunwarm

    Gunwarm Kamikazee Special Corps

    No its plug and go (But) I had it all hard wired after where it snaps in to ptu :rolleyes2: As still played up where new met old Male Female plug in.[​IMG][/URL][/IMG]
  5. Hellsheep

    Hellsheep Administrator Staff Member

    Crap I just realised he said with the adapter harness >< that's what I get for reading half the post! I'm doing a s2 swap and rewiring rather than using the harness. Sorry
  6. stumagoo

    stumagoo Active Member

    from memory the S1 ptu has 7 on the coil pack side the S2 has 6, S1 as mentioned has 6 to the coil pack and 1 ground, on the diagrams the coil pack wires are all supposed to have a trace stripe on the insulation, on my car however that was not the case and it has 2 solid blacks, 1 is a goil feed and the other the ground, for a S2 conversion the ground wire gets looped to the other side of the ptu. As an aside I know this as this is how I met the previous owner of my Z, they had done the conversion and got the 2 black wires mixed and were grounding the black coil wire. 30 seconds of ignition on and the PTU is too hot to touch. unfortunately the true issue of his was 2 melted pistons not a PTU fault (18+psi on stock injectors)
  7. coatesie

    coatesie New Member

    1stly I'd like to mention yes I've done heaps and heaps of searches. Over 2 hrs worth so please don't tell me to use the search button.

    I am doing the ptu conversion without plug and play loom just with pigtails.
    However I stupidly cut the old loom without noting witch 2 black wires go where. And I have done as above stated tried them in all ways. Car can start but misses on cyl 1 and 3 on the passenger side (not actual cylinder numbers I know but you get the idea)

    So if anyone whose done this knows what to do please inform me thank you.
  8. Gunwarm

    Gunwarm Kamikazee Special Corps

    [​IMG][/URL][/IMG] Best I can do,good luck:rolleyes2:

  9. coatesie

    coatesie New Member

    Thanks gunwarm, I've seen all those and still doesn't help haha, like I said I can get it running on 4 cyls, swapped and tested coils =ok
    Have not checked injectors.
    Fuse ok.

    The issue is it was perfect prior to the conversion so it's clearly something to do with the black wires and or I've fried something due to running it set up incorrectly.

    Or possible but doubtful the new ptu is faulty.
  10. coatesie

    coatesie New Member


    Red wire is the black wire on the 7connector side
    Yellow wire is the brown/white on the 6 connector side
    Green are the two wires I stupidly cut without seeing where they went into.
  11. Hellsheep

    Hellsheep Administrator Staff Member

    I've just completed a S1 to S2 PTU swap directly wiring into new plugs instead of the plug and go harness.

    The easy way to determine which black wire is correct is it's the shorter one :) You should have a long one (that was in a loop, when I spoke to someone he mentioned this is normally used for clipping a timing light into) and a shorter one. The shorter one should be relocated to the other side. I do know that the black wire we re-locate is the ground however, one would assume an incorrectly wired PTU could definitely cause damage but I may be wrong.

    Below picture is of the 7 pin connector side after the black has been relocated to it.

  12. coatesie

    coatesie New Member

    Beautiful thank you that's exactly the info I was after.
    I'll pull back the loom insulation and find the longer one.

    Thank you!
    I'm sure it'll still missfire on those 2 cylinders because I've had them hooked up this way before. But now I have it correctly wired I can diagnose.
  13. Hellsheep

    Hellsheep Administrator Staff Member

    Most welcome! :) Convenient that I finished my wiring yesterday and very clearly remembered "Wtf is this longer wire for?"

    Feel sorry if someone else needs to diagnose on my car later, I shortened it to tidy up the wiring xD
  14. coatesie

    coatesie New Member

    So after scratching my head and checking ecu wires injectors etc.

    Put the old s1 ptu back in and she fired and ran on all 6 perfectly. So sticking with s1 for now.
  15. Gunwarm

    Gunwarm Kamikazee Special Corps

    :rofl: I know where your at,but it will be just one little wire wrong,sleep well lol :D and better luck next go,i was a wreck when sparky did mine but he got it right first go thanks to Marcus help.:br::zlove:
  16. coatesie

    coatesie New Member

    I checked the typical corrosion wear and plug tension etc even cleaned them with terminal files.
    The s2 ptu was (a" known") working one. But I assume me wiring it up wrong incorrectly and running the car for a few mins made the internals stuff up. The wires are all good because the old ptu works fine.
  17. Gunwarm

    Gunwarm Kamikazee Special Corps

    :br: The main problem is dirty wires and lose :banned:
  18. Zeo

    Zeo Active Member

    You may have fried the S2 PTU if you didn't have it earthed properly?
  19. coatesie

    coatesie New Member

    Exactly what I think happened.
  20. Gunwarm

    Gunwarm Kamikazee Special Corps

    If you did it will smell burnt :eek:

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