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Discussion in 'Technical' started by blue32zx, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. blue32zx

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    im just wondering what some on the more experienced track goes here do to cool off their brakes after some track time...

    last time i was at the local track we just did one slow lap after we had finished to cool them...but i still managed to warp my rotors:mad:

    what should i be doing/ not doing?


    From what I have heard simple things like not using the hand brake and not holding your foot on the brakes at all so a flat pice of land will be required :p

    Maybe not use any brakes then just push the car a meter every 5 min :confused:

    The best thing would be to drive straight home and try not to use the brakes but manily dont use them when stationary.
  3. vbevan

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    Something like this would help. Carbon fiber and expensive though. $395 a pair here:

  4. Wizard

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    Usually all they give you

    Is one cool down lap, if its not enough
    do some laps at the back of the pits to draw some more heat out of them.
    as suggested dont use the hand brake, wouldn't be the first set of pads to be welded to the rotors.:eek:
  5. Peter Black

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    On your cool down lap take it really slow, as slow as you can get away with and don't touch your brakes at all. If you can keep driving around the pits or car park the same way afterwards keep doing that and as someone said, when you stop your car don't put the hand brake on.
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    issan OEM 300ZX Brake Air Guide Kit
    Code: NIS300-41182
    Name: Nissan OEM 300ZX Brake Air Guide Kit
    Price: $110.00
    Description: Nissan OEM Brake Air Guides help cool the rotors during any type of driving. These guides are usually missing due to the replacement of tension rods, manily because people forget to put them back. Kits include Left and Right Brake guides, and all necessary hardware for installation.


    UNIQUE ZED Zed Racing World


    These help although we tested against our brake air deflectors at Eastern Creek, and ours were better and cheaper. We had these OEM ones fitted on one side and ours on the other and use a Pyro gun. Ours are better as they have more surface area and catch the air better, with right angles lips top and bottom to stop air falling out whilst directing air into the middle of the rotor. They were desinged by a V8 Supercar engineer. We are also working on a brake ducting kit which if set up properly with a big mouth feed work better.

    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    I don't understand why you shouldn't use the handbrake. It is seperate from the rest of the braking system and operates on shoes inside the rear discs. I've never had a problem with the handbrake locking on or warped rotors.

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