QLD project z NA auto, make an offer

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by KellyZX, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. KellyZX

    KellyZX IceTeazZe

    Not much to say really...

    89 NA Auto 2+2 Aus delivered. All titles are clear (vin checked) gunmetal grey

    Engine has done 12X XXXk's. Was in running car that was getting LS1 swapped. Purchased mid last year. has been sitting on my engine crane since as life took over the project.
    Car has done 16X XXXk's. overall body is ok, not perfect but theres definitely worse out there. Pain it absolutely shot, I planned on vinyl wrapping it.
    Interior is in fairly good condition. drivers seat has the typical wear and tear. Has the old school manual dials. pods are shot as to be expected.
    Wiring, we the moron before me cut the loom, so i have a replacement loom for it (the loom that was with the motor)
    New radiator in box to go in. all parts and pieces there to put it back together and get it on the road. Just exceeds my knowledge time patience and money.

    Make me an offer, think your low balling? thats fine, worst i can do is politely decline. honestly just want the shed space free
  2. Blissfully

    Blissfully U wot m8

    $500 + I'll arrange transport to Canberra???
  3. KellyZX

    KellyZX IceTeazZe

    you dude sounds the goods. pming
  4. Stevedawg01

    Stevedawg01 New Member

    Hi Is this still for sale?
  5. KellyZX

    KellyZX IceTeazZe

    yes.. but a few bibs and bobs have been poached off it
  6. Stevedawg01

    Stevedawg01 New Member

    Hi mate. Pm sent.
  7. Stevedawg01

    Stevedawg01 New Member

    Hi. Where are you located?

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