QLD Project Z - 2+2, Targa, TT, Man, Aus Delivered

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    Its finally time for me to part with my zed which i've had for nearly 20 years now. Its not currently rego or running and been sitting neglected the last few years but it might not take too much to get it going again if you know your Z's. Local SE QLD buyers only as will need be picked up on trailer / tow truck.

    What is it:
    1990 2+2 Manual AUS delivered 300zx which had the engine replaced with VG30DETT and full conversion (Engine, intercoolers, radiator, computer, harness etc) to TT in about 2000 by the owner previous to me. Unlike factory TT units it does not have 4WS and the diff is still the NA one.
    (VIN JN10RGZ32A0000840)

    Whats it got:
    - Remus exhaust
    - Single peice tailshaft (replaced after centre bearing failed on the original 2 peice one).
    - Rear camber kit
    - Stock wheels & 17" Kraff wheels (all tyres shot)
    - custom white interior (front seats very worn)
    - pod filter

    What condition is it in:
    Quite shabby.... but the bones are good. It has been sitting outdoors the last 2+ years. Paint is bad on a few panels. Theres a rust patch at the top of the windscreen, tyres are all poor. Interior is quite dirty and a bit mildew as it has been closed up. The engine & turbos were running strong until i stopped driving it. Currently there is a wiring issue with the harness connector to the computer, one of the pins has snapped off and needs to be bypassed or fixed. I havent turned it over in about 2yrs now.

    The following are also included but not fitted to the car, all are new except the turbos:
    - Front mount intercooler + piping
    - Alloy underdrive pulley
    - front strut
    - Rear ferrari style (round) tailights
    - 2 old turbos needing a rebuild (not from this zed, from another i had long ago).

    At this stage i dont want to split parts as i am time poor and have no time to mess around.

    Note the interior photo is from better days, its not that good now. External photo is current.

    As is. Make me an offer.... no swaps, no messing around. $1+ k anyone? feedback?

    Located southside Brisbane.

    zed hr.jpg IMG_1926.JPG
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    Is this still available?

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